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Thanks for your kind words about my boss (Ron Paul) and his exchange yesterday with Chairman Greenspan. My boss is a firm believer in hard money, having a thorough understanding of monetary policy and Fed folly. Please do not hesitate to visit our website (www.house.gov/paul) to find out more about Dr. Paul, and please feel free to call me if we can help you with any information in the future.

- Jeff
Thanks! Articles like yours help me better understand how to keep my pension savings. With so much spin everywhere - its hard to get different views even when you know something is fishy with the straight press stories. I know these articles take a lot of hard work and I appreciate it.

- R.M.
I read your article Predictions 2002. Some good points , perhaps a bit pessimistic. Perhaps the market will not go as low because as company earnings begin to be released below expectations, causing a sell pressure and a drop in stock's prices, there will also be a large amount of buying , seeking for supposedly bargains. Buying stock has become a game and a vice for many people around the world, and today millions can do that with the click of a mouse anywhere. So perhaps the fall out will be not so steep, but it can last more years.

Good luck with the web site!

- P.V.
Nice site. Creative and original. Very well thought out and written articles. You are right on the money, to me. These are interesting times. Thank you for your perspective. I look forward to your future articles.

- B.D.
These are the best graphics I have seen on any economics related site. It is very instructive to stand back and look at the "big picture". I am, as much as anybody, inclined to focus on the details of everyday life, while ignoring the large events that grind away slowly in the background. No one in the media will ever present a scenario such as yours. No matter what happens the nation's economy is always presented as "fundamentally sound." You have presented your arguments in a clear and compelling manner and I am now inclined to pay more attention to macro events. Congratulations and best wishes .

- G.G.

Keep up the work! I like the fact that you are speaking out on what so little are saying these days, the truth! I run an mortgage company and I don't see how we can keep the present imbalanced system in continuation. There will be trying times ahead. Keep up the good work. - E.F.
What a great site! (of course, it doesn't hurt that I share your summation of current and future events!) :) Looks great and sounds better. Thank you!

- M.M.
Great looking web site and a terrific concept. Hope you can afford to keep it going until, during, and after TSHTF.

Most people live in a fantasy world (The Reality Illusion) that exists only in their minds. Although this fantasy world is an artificial construct, it is the only thing keeping them from being torn apart by the maelstrom of sensory data constantly assaulting them. It also serves to help them in a life saving endeavor, keeping connected to and accepted by whatever groups they belong to. This construct allows their subconscious mind to "make sense" of the world and help them decide what is likely to happen, what is possible or doable, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore. Part of this construct is the infamous "BS filter." Given the essential nature of this artificial construct (BELIEF SYSTEM) and the fact that it is buried out of sight deep in their subconscious mind, it usually is very difficult to get people to change their minds about important matters.

Good luck in your crusade.

- C.M.
Your comments give an important perspective that is totally lacking in the straight press. We have Canadian Enrons awaiting the same fate. Thanks

- R.M.
Excellent premise. You are on the right track.As an economist trying to de develop a theory of what I call Hyperreal finance,in whick any reference to the real has been obliterated and whose consequences will certainly be catastrophic for every one,I feel highly solidary with your work.Hope to have the possibilty to contribute with something.

- C.S.
There is one issue you do not address, that makes the USA different than any one else when it comes to how our economy works. We have the #1 military and will use it to shore up the U.S. Dollar. We will also lie cheat and bully the rest of the world to protect our reserve courency.(USD's) You can plan on a new World war of some type to deal with the coming economic disaster.

- DR. W

- C.d.S
Thank you for your website and your financial information. The economy is like a paper tiger.. I work for one of the major networks & most of our engineers are gone. When we do remotes it is done by outside people who want to work in Broadcasting , & they are cheap with little or no experience. The shows that are done this way now are the Academy Awards, Emmys, & the American Music Awards..The West Coast did not know that the show was so bad they edited out 12 minutes because of bad or no audio on American Music Awards that aired a few weeks ago..People are hired as daily hires. Sometimes they work for 4 hours if they will accept it. The appearance of all the networks is very misleading , they are not the strong technical companys that they once were.. This is because of lower ratings & lack of money & a desire to do it cheap. People see the bad programing so they will rent a movie or have cable or direct TV or the Internet.. There is no movement to push high def. at the networks either. I mention this only to show a trend in Television that is similar to our money & economy.. I know that this is not your field but I thought you might find it interesting..

- R

I am always interested in learning the truth, no matter how ugly it is. Hopefull I have found a financial/economic website that totally satisfies that insatiable desire of mine. Thank you for this wonderful, informative, non-cliche financial/economic website.

- J.C.
I'm impressed!!Many of us "Joes" out here in Cyberland are seeking unbiased, truthful information. We want to hear more from you, Mr. Nystrom! Thanks!

Great website. You really put everything in focus with the pictures and hard facts. I am impressed and a little shocked at this debauchery by the fat cats. If the US were a third world tinpot dictatorship, it would have been long bankrupt but it tis the US and maybe it still has some life till the final end of the fiat paper $. You are definitely not one of the American sheeple crowd and have a message to tell.

Again, keep up the good work of telling the TRUTH as it is to us common people.

Just found your site...great views from a historical and foriegn perspective...it does give one pause...this whole house of cards could just come tumbling down...kinda scarey...never really bought into the "survivalist" thing but how does one care for his family in a worst case financial disaster? ...well once again thank you. Keep up the good work.

- M.W.
Thank you so much. I'm only a layman but the important thing I've contributed to our side has been to convince a few people that, no matter our particular talents, we all can do SOMETHING to advance a good cause.

- C.P.
An interesting website, though I must admit that I am probably among the throng of lobotomized folk when it comes to gold. There is a "dumbing down of America" in many arenas. However, predicting the future of the American and world economy seems like fortune telling. To the neophyte, deciding on who to believe is more like a step of faith. I recall, about 20 years ago, another period when contrarians were saying, "buy gold! Depression is on the horizon!" Not that it won't happen someday; it's bound to. The question is when, and who can predict it? I continue to enjoy your point of view. I think that it adds balance.

Brilliant website. I'm going to miss reading such wonderful articles when the next staged terrorist attack occurs... martial law ensues... and I find myself working in the civilian labor camp to pay off our national debt.

Eat, drink & be merry....

- J.L. I am glad to find your website. I like reading your non-main stream opinions. Thanks, keep up the good work.

- J.D.
I think reality will begin to sink in that the stock market is still over-priced and when the anticipated recovery and pick up in earnings does not occur, markets will be adjusted downward. I don't see an Argentina type situation with all the chaos that entails. For that to happen, everything that could go wrong would have to, in fact, go wrong.

That is one of the reasons I am interested in your take on the economic outlook. Things don't fall apart overnight. There are always warning signs, some genuine some not, and I'd like to see what you see as 2002 unfolds. I perceive this as the modern equivalent of what Kipling called "The Great Game".

I will be looking forwards to your publications.

- B.G.

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