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The Depression Will Not Be Televised.

Television, or more accurately, the television media complex, is a one trick pony anymore. The major financial news content/delivery corporations are dominated by huge (Microsoft-sized*) corporate interests, and they have settled upon a winning strategy: Pick one story and milk it for all its worth - at the cost of reporting other stories of significance. The only story on TV right now is the war, or more specifically, the mechanics of the war: What's going on in Afghanistan, Where is Osama, Who will be the next target of American firepower.

Televised, corporate run news is weak on how the war is affecting our lives domestically, especially economically. There is no time to cover something as mundane or unpleasant as, say, the economic collapse of a country, especially if its your own. That really doesn't move product.

At Depression2.tv, we are interested in exploring all possible outcomes for the U.S. economy, some of which would never be mentioned in the mainstream press for fear of being too negative, or even worse, impolite.

But face it. Sometimes things happen that we're not prepared for because we never bothered to think about them. Depression2.tv sets out a framework for thinking about the unimagined.

America is in a more dangerous place right now than we are being led to believe. We are just entering the bust-phase of the biggest, longest economic boom in the nation's history. It is not likely to end with a whimper, and a quick recovery, but in wrenching, socio-economic changes. Just as the first Great Depression marked the transition from agrarianism to manufacturing as the major economic organizing principle of the nation, the coming depression will mark the final shift from manufacturing to an information technology based society. Just as WWII was a mechanized war, the current war will be fought mainly with information.

An amazing amount of wealth has already been destroyed, and more destruction is to come. Depression2 will give a framework for wealth preservation and accumulation during this difficult time.


* CNBC, America's leading source for television business news, is owned by General Electric, America's largest corporation. When you dial up CNBC on the web, where do you go? The Microsoft Network, owned by America's second largest corporation. In disseminating news, who's views do you think will be given voice - Working America's or Corporate America's?


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