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Back on the Air!
M.A. Nystrom - 11 September 2003

Thanks to a flakey server, Depression2 was off the air for several days last week, as the stock markets raced upwards and the price of gold similarly shot towards the heavens. It was a terrible time to be away, but we are back. We've made a relatively painless switch to a new hosting company and hopefully this one will work out better.


I recently made a significant move, from sunny Seattle U.S.A. to Hsin-chu, Taiwan. My wife Barbra has a job teaching here in the BiLingual Department of the National Experimental High School, and so we moved last month. Hsin-chu is also the home of the Science Based Industrial Park, where just about all the components for your computer that say "Made in Taiwan" are made. We are fortunate to be living inside the park, where the streets are wide, tree lined and quiet. Outside the park it is a full frontal assault on the senses - garrish, loud, and polluted from the million scooters, cars and busses that make up the chaotic traffic conditions that characterize urban Taiwan.

Business here is booming, and the big computer companies are hiring. It looks like a global recovery, but I'm not holding my breath.


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