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DOW vs. Alerts
8 February 2003 * Richard Lancaster

With Homeland Security Alerts now becoming more "branded" and formalized it appears there could be a growing correlation between market softness and terrorist activity?! Of course, we at Depression2.tv see the war as a big distraction, the real problem is in the domestic, and therefore global, economies.

Whatever February has in store, it is not likely to be pleasant - unless you are investing in Gold Mutual Funds or Mining Stocks! Here at Depression2.tv we are going to be having a good time because we are launching the Premier Edition of The Dashboard, a newsletter for the contrarian investor who seeks data and commentary on the parts of the markets other analysts just cannot reach! In this month's Dashboard we are introducing our Economic Gauges that are specifically calculated to help you better drive in this treacherous environment. We will also discuss at length the Top 10 US Precious Metals Mutual Funds - a topic that is virtually taboo in the mainstream financial media. In our own witty and highly design-centric way we will also provide general market commentary. For more information Click here!

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