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A letter from Germany
Cologne, Germany * 9 September 2002 * Peter Schmitz
Friday evening, I'm sitting, chilling out from the trading day drinking a glass of real good wine when I get stuck with the strategic disinformation network (CNN) doing a report about the current turmoil in Kenya. This is the not-important part.

Here comes the important part. Suddenly the "NEWSbar" (Ha!) at the bottom of the screen informs me that 4 out of 10 Americans think that the First Amendment to your Constitution - the right to free speech - GOES TO FAR. By the same token 5 out of 10 Americans believe that the right of academics to criticize Washington should be restricted.

Not too long ago in my country a dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler messed up the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. One of his first actions was to question and then restrict the right to free speech. Tonight, just a few seconds on the disinformation channel contains the entire truth about the current powers in control of the most dangerous weapons of history.

I hate to say it guys but you've managed to install a totalitarian warlord into the highest office in your country and if you don't stop him soon, HE IS GONNA BLOW OFF THE BLOODY PLANET.

Here's my personal plan of reacting to this simple 5-second insert on the disinformation network:

I will buy a piece of property in the southern hemisphere, I will convert all funds that I don't strictly need to Gold and Silver as well as futures on wheat and sugar aiming for physical delivery (think I am going over the top? Think again.) I will refrain from holding any trading position overnight, I will - effective immediately - boycott all North-American (ex-Canada) goods and services. I will cancel my planned NEW YORK journey, avoiding to insert fresh CLEAN money into North America I will repatriate all my North-American capital holdings and refrain from buying stock in companies investing in North America, I will not work for North-American companies, I will not rest and inform everyone who has the brains to understand it of the fact that I am convinced that a crew of evil people, oil barons and warlords have taken over control over the American arsenal of nuclear weapons and that I think that world dominion is their objective.

All of the above shall be effective until Americans have kicked the ass of Mr. Maggoo and his deceitful crew of evildoers either by force or by democratic process.

You may feel that not being an American my speaking-up is totally inadequate and inappropriate. If you do, you know, this is what free speech is all about.

I invite you to explain to me how media manipulation and attempts to restrict free speech is not a prerequisite for dictatorship.


Peter Schmitz
Cologne, Germany
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