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The Second Great Depression
Will Be Brought to you Live.

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If you're like most people, you're working harder than ever just to stay even, forget get ahead. You don't have time to step back and view the larger picture that is unfolding for the U.S. and World economy. News - sensational news - flashes brightly, then recedes quickly from memory. The rush is so quick, the appearance so brief, the flash so bright that it can be blinding. Yet other days go by in a complete news vaccuum. How can you expect to piece together the larger picture from such incomplete data?

Take a moment to consider that you are now living history . It is an amazing time to be alive and witness never before seen events unfold, if you only had the time. As a period of transition, this will be the greatest period of wealth destruction the world has ever seen. It will also be the greatest opportunity for building wealth in our lifetimes. It is nothing less than a turning of the earth, a changing of the guards. The rich have gotten as rich as possible, and now the times are changing. This is creative destruction in real time.

The longest period of peace and prosperity for this nation has ended, though few have come to realize it. The closest presidential election in history was...stolen?...by the son of a former president, decided by a single state governed by the newly elect president's brother - a man named Jeb. Pure cronyism, though most Americans refuse to believe it. The new president is a conservative hawk, and less than a year into his term, the nation is attacked. The largest military buildup in decades ramps up. The nation's enemies are unknown, but their threats are real. The government cracks down, tightens up, and commits to a long war...six years at least, according to the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the national economy stumbles badly...We witness the largest corporate bankruptcy in history unfold - a mysterious company with close ties to the nepotistic Administration. Debt, losses and fraud bring this giant down, and as we survey the scene we find that debt, losses and fraud are everywhere. The nation is awash in personal, corporate and government debt. Among the leaders of the old "New Economy" were frauds, cheats and liars. How far does their corruption extend? How wide is the influence of crony capitalism?

But this is only the backdrop for the real story unfolding. This is the destruction of the old guard. Creation of a new paradigm is already underway. The manufacturing age is over, and we are witnessing the birthing pains of a new era - the Information Age. The last time we saw such upheaveal from a changing of the guard was during the Civil War. The civil war had everything to do with agricultrue (cotton) vs. the industrialization of the north. The current war will be fought, and ultimately won, with information.

Don't expect the conventional news sources to give you an objective or timely reporting on this long term shift, however. If you're paying attention, you've got little choice but to figure it out for yourself, which means looking beyond the obvious, hearing beyond the soundbytes, and reading between the lines. We are entering a depression - a period of cleansing and rebirth. This is the time to protect assets, find growth where you can, and prepare for the dawning of a new age.

These ar the Chronicles of our age. We will strive to bring you insightful news, information, and analysis as we observe the progress of this incredible age we are living through together. Make no mistake about it: The tide is turning, moving back out to sea. Will you be one of the few to witness and prosper from it, or will you be among the many to be pulled under?

Thank you, and best regards.

M.A. Nystrom

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