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The February issue of The Dashboard is here! The 2003 market top is in - U.S. Market meltdown dead ahead - Buy & hold is dead! Precious Metal Mutual Funds and the Wall of Silence - The top 10 performing gold funds! And much more!

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The Dashboard is a revolutionary new publication from Depression2.tv. Monitoring all the necessary guages of economic health, each issue gives commentary and analysis of the gauges, how they affect one another, and where the economy is likely headed as a    result.

The duo of Lancaster & Nystrom bring you a collection of economic indicators designed to help you drive safely in these treacherous times. As the Global Economic Engine begins to run out of steam, overheat and crack, you'll get their unique perspectives on key subjects such as - what danger signs to watch for in order to preserve capital, how to invest in precious metals mutual funds, picking gold and silver mining stocks, watching the US dollar and how it behaves and what it means - and most importantly how to assess how close we are to the looming Second Great Depression.

If you are interested in Elliot Wave Theory, the K-Winter Cycle, investing for the future, sound money and economic opinions that are contrarian, diverse, often witty and always sprinkled with excellent charts and graphics, then you'll want to be a Dashboard reader.

The Premier edition is available now! At $25 per edition, it is under one dollar per day and the best buck you'll spend. Lancaster & Nystrom will produce new editions of The Dashboard as the economic environment changes and there is a need to reset the gauges on The Dashboard!