The Silent Swing Votes

September 12, 2004

OverseasVote - Press Release - September 9, 2004

Key absentee registration sites:, launched Feb 04, registered >38,000, launched late July 04, registered >20,000, launched Mar 04, registered >5,000

3,000+ US citizens per day from over 150 countries are registering through these democratically-oriented sites…and this appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

All voters, regardless of political perspective may use the sites, but data suggest more than 95% of registrants at these sites support Kerry.
Since June, month-to-month registration growth exceeds 120%.

According to Federal Voting Assistance Program figures, 340,000 absentee ballot requests had been received as of July 1, 2004 – already 90,000 more than the total number of absentee ballots in 2000. More than 80% of OverseasVote’s registrations occurred after July 1, implying that the total number of potential overseas voters will exceed 1.8 million – an increase of 625%.

These overseas Americans are the ‘silent swing’ voters that at present are not reflected in any state or national poll numbers. They may well decide many swing states’ elections, and have a substantial impact on which party will control Congress and the White House.

State-by-state projection of likely absentee votes, based on OverseasVote site data:

California 260,000
New York 162,000
Florida 77,000
Texas 76,000
Massachusetts 64,000
Illinois 64,000
Pennsylvania 61,000
Michigan 58,000
Washington 55,000
Virginia 46,000
Ohio 45,000
Colorado 42,000
Minnesota 38,000
Oregon 35,000
North Carolina 29,000
Wisconsin 22,000

For more information:
Voting enquiries:

Video news release is available

+852 2574 4293 or +852 9151 2316

Brett Rierson

Regime change, one vote at a time...

US Citizens, register to vote at

+852 9151 2316
+852 2574 4293

Posted by manystrom at September 12, 2004 08:59 AM

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