January 10, 2005

It appears that a lot of D2 readers are getting some useful feedback from the most recent blog on Predictions 2005. So it's probably a good idea to take this to the next level and ask for more predictions and inputs on issues that got some attention in the first blog.

If you have a moment answer for the group the following questions. Again, I'll tally the results at some point and provide an aggregate view of what you all see coming at us in '05. We're going to get away from pure economic predictions here and mix in some other topical areas.

Here goes:

1. How would you invest $100,000 in '05 to achieve the best gains?

2. Will planet earth be rocked by more record breaking "earth changes" (tsunami's, hurricane's, earthquakes, solar flares) in '05?

3. Will humanity face an epidemic of some kind during the year that will cause massive loss of life?

4. Will the US be struck by another terrorist attack on a scale greater than 9/11?

5. Where will interest rates end the year, will the Fed raise them continually throughout '05?

6. If democratic elections go ahead in Iraq this year will a Shi ite regime come to power?

7. Does Hugo Chavez of Venezuela survive 2005?

8. Will Osama be caught some time during the year?

9. Does the US go to war against another adversary during '05, Iran, N. Korea, etc?

10. Does the Chinese bubble burst in '05?

This is going to be interesting! Let's keep it friendly, but not pack any punches.

Cheers Rich

Posted by richardlancaster at 08:10 PM | Comments (48)
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