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August 21, 2004

After being down for several months due to malicious spammers, and my lack of time to address the problem the joural is now back! The problem was that some spam bots came by and posted literally thousands of malicious comments with links to porn sites. As a result, I took the blog down completely. I downloaded the orginial posts and cleaned them up by hand in HTML. They are back, but no longer open for posting. The archive with most of the original comments can still be found at:

For the time being, I'll keep the new posts open for posting for about a week, so if you want to say something, act fast! Seize the moment! You have no idea the grief and heartache it caused to have 6,000 comments linked to the most heinous, disgusting websites. At the same time, I took down my Depression 2 email, so if you've written in the past several months, I apologize that I did not see it. I just checked the server yesteday and found there were over 12,000 emails waiting for me.

What else should I be? / All apologies.

I deleted them all without thinking twice.

If you know of any MT plug-in solutions that can solve this, please let me know via email at: manystrom yahoo com. Just type the email in regularly - this format is just to try to discourage the bots that come by, read the email addresses and then start in on the spamming.


When I worked as a stockbroker, there was a client who always called up and the first words out of his mouth were: "How's the bear market?" That was back in 1998 - so he's been waiting a long time! (If he is still waiting at all)

I'm living and working in Taiwan now, so I don't have such a good read on the US economy from here. From what I see, it looks grim. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the presidential politics - they have their own brand of nasty politics here, but at least I don't feel bad viewing it strictly as entertainment. There is no illusion that I can change anything here in Taiwan.

The economy here is, by my eye, booming. There is new construction everywhere - factories, apartments, new restaurants opening. The town that I live in, Hsinchu, is a hot tech town. Nobody is starving here. Chinese people are very optimistic on the surface, but dig a little deeper and a grave pessimism emerges. They are the same worries that everyone has -- that all the jobs will move to mainland China. Taiwan has lost a lot of manufacturing jobs to China already, and more are moving all the time. The environment here is a disaster - pollution, smog. The atmosphere in the city is simply toxic. Everyone knows it, but what can one person do? The futre does not appear bright, in spite of the record profits that the tech companies are making. The stock markets in both Taiwan and Shanghai are down big for the year, reflecting the pessimism. Oh, and then there is the ever-present specter of an attack by China.

Life, in spite of all of that, is good. I've got a good job at Taiwan's largest industrial technology research institute, I'm writing a book and I'm thinking about starting a PhD in technology management.

I won't pretend to know why the US markets are going up in the face of $50 oil. I won't pretend to know how high gold will go by when. I'm still a closet bear on gold for the short term. I still hold fast and strong to the idea of the Second Great Depression, it is only a matter of time. I've got one eye on the situation, while I live a full life. Better a full life than a life half lived, as they say. I have already said everything that I can think of to say about the unfolding depression, and you can find it all on this website if you browse the pages. While you're at it, please try to click on an ad or two to support the site. I would appreciate that much.

The depression will take its time, and like my former client above, I am still waiting. It is going to be bad, and ugly. If you want good strategies to profit from it, check the Elliot Wave page. Shameless plug? Sure, but I believe in their message and their forecast. Timing this thing is the hardest part, but their timing lately has been great.

And a final note: Don't be afraid. Fear is a state that can only take place when you're thinking about the future. But the future is inherently unpredictable - we have no idea what will happen. Maybe all this depression talk is just bogus. Stay in the present moment, and there is nothing to fear, because there is no room to fear. As good old Curt Cobain put it:

In the sun / in the sun / in the sun / I feel as one.

Best to everyone,

Michael Nystrom
Hsinchu Taiwan, August 2004

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