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-------------------------- January 2005 ----------------------
Baby Eats Parent: SBC to Acquire T (1/31/2005)
Different World: Al Jazeera World's 5th Most Influential Brand (1/31/2005)
IBM-Lenovo Deal - Threat to National Security? (1/31/2005)
Where'd the Money Go? 9 billion unaccounted for in Iraq (1/31/2005)
As the World Burns (1/31/2005)

China becomes Japan's Largest Trade Partner, Passing US (1/28/2005)
If China Shuns Dollar, Look out for Bonds! (1/28/2005)
Opel to Cut 10,000 (1/28/2005)
Global Warming 'Twice as Bad as Previously Thought' (1/28/2005)
China loses faith in dollar (1/27/2005)
Faber: The Simple Truths of Life (1/27/2005)
Irrational Exuberance, Again (1/27/2005)
America, Rich or Poor? (1/27/2005)
Japanese Return to US Market (1/27/2005)
The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004 (1/26/2005)
Another 10 Years of High Oil Prices? (1/26/2005)
Wall Street Advice: Get Heavy on Metal (1/26/2005)
"Self-Indulgent" US Consumers are the "Weakest-Link" (1/26/2005)
Goldman, Morgan Stanley Cough Up $80M (1/26/2005)
Unloved, Undervalued & Underowned (1/26/2005)
China Leaps Past U.S. in Trade with Japan (1/26/2005)
Gold & the Money Unit (1/26/2005)
Jes Black: Weekly Commmentary (1/25/2005)
Citigroup Hit with Criminal Probe (1/25/2005)
2005: The Year of Global Oil Production Peak? (1/25/2005)
Gold’s Long-term Rising Trend Intact (1/25/2005)
Ironic Times (1/25/2005)
Civilization & Its Enemies (1/25/2005)
A Rise in Interest Rates Could Cost You a Bundle (1/25/2005)
Gold’s Long-term Rising Trend Intact (1/24/2005)
Oil Jumps to $49 on US Freeze (1/24/2005)
Feeding the World Under Climate Change (1/24/2005)
From Tragedy to Slavery (1/24/2005)
IBM's PC Sale to China Hits National Security Snag (1/24/2005)
Oaf of Office (1/24/2005)
US Snowstorms Trigger Emergencies (1/24/2005)
Classical Economics vs. The Exploitation Theory (1/24/2005)
Home-equity Loans Hit Record $431 Billion in 2004 (1/24/2005)
Japan: Economy Weakens as IT Adjustments Continue (1/20/2005)
Muslim Pilgrims Pray on Mount Arafat (1/20/2005)
Gold....on Hold? (1/20/2005)
Lower Prices to Hit Sony Profits (1/20/2005)
Warren Buffett Sees no way but Down for US Dollar (1/20/2005)
Wall St. Heaps $ on M&A, Oil Pros (1/20/2005)
Preparing for the End of Oil? (1/20/2005)
Abolish the IMF (1/18/2005)
New Zealand Greens Predict Oil Crisis in 10 Years (1/18/2005)
Wal-Mart ?Yesteryear’s GM? (1/18/2005)
Tale of The Tape (1/18/2005)
US Covert Military Operations in Iran? (1/18/2005)
US 'Making Secret Plans to Attack Iran' [Not a Secret Now...Ed] (1/18/2005)
A Tribute to Martin Luther King (1/17/2005)
"Golden Economic Period" To End (1/17/2005)
Intel's 'Turnaround' Will Run Aground (1/17/2005)
It's a Matter of Confidence (1/17/2005)
The Coming Week Earnings Flood (1/17/2005)
US Retailers Expect Sales Growth to Slow (1/17/2005)
'Wise Men' Seek Shake Up at WTO (1/17/2005)

Dreams, Nightmares, Myths & Visions

U.S. 'Should Not Rule Out Torture'
Journalism's Vacation From Truth
The "Myth" of Peak Oil [Excellent Article, but not about Peak Oil!]
Darwin Beats God in Red America
More Than A Dreamer

Bank of England Holds Interest Rates (1/13/2005)
Bilderberg: The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory (1/13/2005)
Brakes Put On Chinese Car Sales (1/13/2005)
What Mr. Market Can Learn From Mother Nature (1/13/2005)
Merging the World Bank & IMF (1/13/2005)
Bouncing Along Dollar: Heading Off A Cliff (1/13/2005)
Morgan Stanley Hit By Record Fine (1/13/2005)
Prophets of Doom: The Coming Oil Crisis (1/13/2005)
Prechter's Golden Flaw (1/13/2005)
New Money Flows In To Sustain Commodity Boom (1/13/2005)
The Outlook for Gold in 2005 (1/13/2005)
Forbes: Greenspan Has Put World on Brink of Ruin (1/12/2005)
America 2014: An Orwellian Tale (1/12/2005)
Big Blue Opens 500 Patents for Open Source Use (1/12/2005)
China Now World's #3 Trader after US, Germany (1/12/2005)
Nokia to Cut Jobs Worlwide (1/12/2005)
Oil Holds Firm Above $45 (1/11/2005)
Extended Predictions '05 [Add Yours....Ed] (1/11/2005)
Oil, Dollar Won't Sync for Long (1/11/2005)
Putin and the Rising Tide of Paranoia (1/11/2005)
U.K: Retailers Suffered Worst Christmas in a Decade (1/11/2005)
Dollar Drops After Snow Comments (1/11/2005)
The Calm Before the Storm (1/11/2005)
I'm Worried About My Retirement; You Should Be Too (1/11/2005)
Apocalypse Later (1/10/2005)
Earth's Shape Changes Due to Climate (1/10/2005)
The Sure-Thing Syndrome (1/10/2005)
The Dollar Rallies (1/10/2005)
Marsh & McLennan Ready to Pay $1bn to Settle Spitzer Lawsuit (1/10/2005)
The Dollar Outlook For Q1 2005 (1/10/2005)
I Read the News Today, Oh Boy (1/10/2005)
What Goes Down Must Go Up (1/10/2005)
The Nature & Origin of Money (1/6/2005)
How Bush Won (1/6/2005)
U.K: Brown Sets Out Anti-Poverty Aims (1/6/2005)
Disasters Waiting to Happen (1/6/2005)
Gold Touches 2 Month Low (1/6/2005)
Swallow Iraq: The Little Bird Knew (1/6/2005)
CEOs Today Hear No Evil, See No Evil (1/6/2005)
Camping Commonalities [Tent Cities Around the Country] (1/6/2005)
Runaway Train (1/5/2005)
Oil to Prevail Over Gold (1/5/2005)
December Job Cuts Top 100,000 (1/5/2005)
Brady Willett of FallStreet: Preview 2005 (1/5/2005)
9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Offers $100,000 Prize (1/5/2005)
Bill Gross Outlook 2005: I'm Just a Singer in a Roll n Roll Band (1/5/2005)
Jakarta Summit to Tackle Tsunami Crisis (1/5/2005)
A Rally for the Buck? [It's Underway....Ed] (1/4/2005)
Junk Issuance Set Record in 2004 (1/4/2005)
Power from the Oceans (1/4/2005)
NY Gold, Silver Hit Fresh Lows Early on Fund Sales (1/4/2005)
Sumatran Quake Sped Up Earth's Rotation (1/4/2005)
Grandich: 2004 Review and Outlook for 2005 (1/4/2005)
Earthquake Prediction: A Seismic Shift in Thinking (1/4/2005)
Governor of Baghdad Assassinated (1/4/2005)
Why Should the Dollar Rally? (1/4/2005)
U.K. Economy at Risk over Housing Downturn (1/3/2005)
Germans Plan Welfare Rallies (1/3/2005)
Chinese Automobilies Heading for US Shores (1/3/2005)
Hubbert's Prescription for Survival, A Steady State Economy (1/3/2005)
An Interview with Dr. Faber (1/3/2005)
Gold Declines on Strong Dollar (1/3/2005)
With Paper Money - Confidence is Suspicion Asleep (1/2/2005)

Goldbug Weekend Reading

2005 The Year of the Junior Mining Stocks
AMEX Gold Miners Index Review
Gold Bull or....?
Why Gold Shares are Limping
I Hate Losing

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