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Note: This is an un-maintained archive. No effort is made to check for broken
or expired links. Many Yahoo! links expire within weeks, and many NY Times
articles become pay per view. My apologies for any inconvenience!
The State of the Globe 2004/2005 (12/31/2004)
UK: First Monthly Fall in House Prices in 3 Years (12/31/2004)
Joe Duarte: Predictions, Scoring 2004, Predicting 2005 (12/31/2004)
Eli Lilly in Prozac Controversy (12/31/2004)
Turkey Knocks 6 Zeros off Lira (12/31/2004)
2005, The Year of Junior Mining Stocks (12/31/2004)
Peak Oil: Current Situation & 2005 Projections (12/31/2004)
The Stingy USA: An Appalling Performance (12/31/2004)
The 2004 Falsies Awards (12/31/2004)
IMF: Outlook 2005 (12/31/2004)
Rethinking American History Completely (12/31/2004)
Aloha Airlines in Chapter 11 (12/31/2004)
2004: Things To Forget (12/29/2004)
Inflation Disinformation (12/29/2004)
7 Mutual Fund Predictions For 2005 (12/29/2004)
Yen Falls to Record Versus Euro; Japan May Sell Its Currency (12/29/2004)
Oil Supplies Fall (12/29/2004)
German Jobless Face Rude Awakening in '05 (12/29/2004)
Asia Shares Defy Post-Quake Gloom [Interesting....Ed] (12/29/2004)
Dollar Slides Then Snaps Back (12/29/2004)
D2 Reader Predictions for 2005 - Add Yours Now (12/28/2004)
2005 and 2006 Forecast (12/28/2004)
China & U.S. Should Spare the World a Cliffhanger (12/28/2004)
Rumsfeld Says 9-11 Plane 'Shot Down' in Pennsylvania (12/28/2004)
UK: Poor Start to High Street Sales (12/28/2004)
Beltway Bandits' Storm: $615B Deficit Snow Job (12/28/2004)
How To Save The Dollar (12/28/2004)
The Paper Standard (12/28/2004)
Toys 'R' BUST (12/27/2004)
Dollar Falls to New Low Against Euro (12/27/2004)
Madness of Hostile Bids (12/27/2004)
Time to Prepare for Peak Oil [Predictions in this....Ed] (12/27/2004)
China Officially Launches New Generation Internet (12/27/2004)
Economic Cost Pales Before Disaster's Human Toll (12/27/2004)
Asia Battles Earthquake Aftermath (12/27/2004)
Oil Slides 5% (12/27/2004)

The Best of D2 in 2004

Memo on the Fed
Team America '04 - Leaders in War Profiteering
Economic Depression - Precisely Why & Approximately When
Election Piracy: Bonesmen for President
Lancaster Predictions 2004 - The Lull Before The Storm
Nystrom Predictions 2004 - Unsustainable Illusions

Holiday Cheers (12/24/2004)
Gold is Still Not in it's Second Wave (12/24/2004)
A Midwinter's Nightmare (12/24/2004)
UK Freezes Saudi Group's Assets (12/24/2004)
Give Yourself the Gift of Liberty (12/24/2004)
Home (Equity) for the Holidays (12/24/2004)
Over (12/24/2004)
Jes Black: Contrarian Trading with Sentiment Data (12/22/2004)
Post Office Hell (12/22/2004)
U.K: House Prices Drop as Sales Slow (12/22/2004)
Good News for Corporate Crooks (12/22/2004)
Stocks Boosted by Oil (12/22/2004)
Derivatives Updated (12/22/2004)
H&R Block Fined $500K (12/22/2004)
The Year of Living Extravagantly (12/21/2004)
The Coming Bottom in Gold Stocks (12/21/2004)
Desperado Days (12/21/2004)
Crude Prices Rise Above $46 a Barrel (12/21/2004)
World Capital of Ponzi (12/21/2004)
How Numbers Can Hurt Real People (12/21/2004)
Bush to get "Tough" on Deficit [Yeah Right....Ed] (12/21/2004)
How To Fix The World (12/20/2004)
Time For Retail Investors To Get Fleeced (12/20/2004)
Holiday Shopping (12/20/2004)
China, Russia Will Hold First War Games (12/20/2004)
UK: No Seasonal Lift in House Market (12/20/2004)
Just Following The Money (12/20/2004)
Crude Sinks Below $46 (12/20/2004)

Deadly Weekend Reading

Five People in Japan May Have Bird Flu Virus
Feeding Cows To Cows: One Year Later On
Earth-Hostile Chemical Gets White House OK
Angola's Oil Curse
The Downstream Dangers of Your Perfume
Safety Scare Over Arthritis Drug

Canada Seeks Details on IMF Gold-for-Debt Plan (12/17/2004)
Secret & Unreliable World of Oil Statistics (12/17/2004)
US Debt Bubble: 1929 Repeat (12/17/2004)
Mises on Keynes (12/17/2004)
The 2004 Divergence! (12/17/2004)
IMF December Research Bulletin (12/17/2004)
Experts Grim on Economy (12/17/2004)
Bin Laden Tape Urges Oil Attack (12/17/2004)
Texas Hold-em Asian Style (12/16/2004)
Democracy Stirs in the Arab World (12/16/2004)
Treasurys Cave on Jobless Claims Drop (12/16/2004)
Bush Signals U.S. Commitment to 'Strong Dollar' Policy (12/16/2004)
U.K. Anti-Terror Law Ruled Illegal (12/16/2004)
U.S. Flying on Empty (12/16/2004)
Missile Test Shuts Down and Delays U.S. Shield (12/15/2004)
Popular Tree Mechanics and Un-Patriot Act III (12/15/2004)
The Euro Currency War (12/15/2004)
Cheney: Economic Action Needed [Uhoh..look out!..Ed] (12/15/2004)
Capitalism: Who Exploits Whom? (12/15/2004)
Lets Stop Sleep-Walking Through History (12/15/2004)
Gold Futures Climb to One-Week High (12/15/2004)
Yukos Seeks US Bankruptcy Refuge (12/15/2004)
Bonds Rise Dollar Dips (12/15/2004)
Exxon President Predicts Non-OPEC Peak in 10 Years (12/14/2004)
Aden Sisters: Back to Basics (12/14/2004)
United Airlines Imposes Wage Cuts (12/14/2004)
US Trade Gap Widens to New Record: $55.5 Billion (12/14/2004)
Crudele: How the Government Pulls the Wool Over Our Eyes (12/14/2004)
Secret History of the Credit Card (12/14/2004)
Economic Heroin (12/14/2004)
Stephen Roach: The Paradox of Trade (12/14/2004)
Global View: A Quiet Turning Point (12/13/2004)
Dollar Is Lower, Gold Up (12/13/2004)
Chinese Foriegn Trade Surpasses US$1,000 Billion (12/13/2004)
Halliburton Hires Columbian Gunmen for Iraq (12/13/2004)
Poverty & Despair of Britain's Lost Generation (12/13/2004)
Get "Rich" Quick (12/13/2004)
OPEC Upshot: Pricey Oil Here to Stay (12/13/2004)
Save or Else (12/10/2004)
Stephen Roach: Debating the Dollar Part I (12/10/2004)
Crossing the Rubicon (12/10/2004)
China Denies Reducing Dollar Holdings (12/10/2004)
Geopolitical Risks are back on the Rise (12/10/2004)
Delphi to Cut 8,000 Jobs (12/10/2004)
Italy: Judges Prepare Berlusconi Verdict (12/10/2004)
Wall St. Lower Amid Inflation & Oil Jitters (12/10/2004)
Looming Energy Crisis Overshadows Bush's Second Term (12/09/2004)
Has Santa Already Passed By Wall Street (12/09/2004)
Tech Tumble Hits Wall Street (12/09/2004)
France Sells Air France - KLM Stake to Trim Deficit (12/09/2004)
Jobless claims higher than expected (12/09/2004)
Market Nugget Commentary (12/09/2004)
Gold, Industrial Metals Hit by Dollar Rebound (12/08/2004)
Chinese Firm Buys IBM PC Business (12/08/2004)
Distractions in the Social Security Debate (12/08/2004)
CSFB Rocked, Axing 300 Jobs (12/08/2004)
Declining Production in Japan Expected (12/08/2004)
Just Who's Fighting the Real War Against Islam? (12/08/2004)
Saudi Arabia: Tribal Timebomb (12/08/2004)
Ron Paul: Gold Exposes the Dollar (12/07/2004)
When Complex Systems Fail (12/07/2004)
Crisis? What Crisis? (12/07/2004)
Crude Oil Falls on Increased Inventory (12/07/2004)
A Rare Look at US Strategic Oil Reserves (12/07/2004)
BBC Cutting 5,000 Jobs (12/07/2004)
Russia Reveals New Missile Program (12/07/2004)
Colgate to Cut 12% of their Workforce (12/07/2004)
The Schoolhouses That Gate's Built (12/07/2004)
Convicted Tax Cheater Spills Beans to IRS Agents (12/06/2004)
U.S. Under Attack in Saudi (12/06/2004)
Climate: Weathering the French Revolution (12/06/2004)
Rumors of War, Crashing Dollar, Rising Gold (12/06/2004)
Sand Oil Coming Online, not a Replacement for Sweet Crude (12/06/2004)
Gold Prices Soaring, but Indians Continue Buying (12/06/2004)

Weekend Reading

Mises: The Source of Hitler's Success
Roach: Bubble Day
The Onion: Iraq Adopts Terror Alert System
US Consumer Product Safety Commission - Nov List
Behold Gold's ETF
Bono Plans Lifelong Poverty Fight

Wal-Mart Predicts Weak December Sales (12/02/2004)
Deadly Hot Summers "To Become the Norm" (12/02/2004)
Administration's Looking Glass Distorts Economic Stats (12/02/2004)
N. American Birds on Decline [Canaries in a Coalmine?..Ed] (12/02/2004)
Oil Drop Sparks Stocks (12/02/2004)
$8 Trillion & Counting (12/02/2004)
The Battle of Silver & Gold (12/02/2004)
The China Factor and the US Dollar (12/01/2004)
Bank of England Says Economic Slow-down Will Not Last (12/01/2004)
All That Glisters (12/01/2004)
Dollar Falls to 12 Year Low Against the Pound (12/01/2004)
Oil Price History & Analysis (12/01/2004)
Ukraine Parliament Issues No-Confidence Vote (12/01/2004)
The Containment Area (12/01/2004)
Lawmakers Grill Citigroup Over Scandal (11/30/2004)
Bill Gross: Too Much! (11/30/2004)
Weak Dollar Dings Stocks (11/30/2004)
Who Are the Real Masters of Docility? (11/30/2004)
When the Oil Runs Out (11/30/2004)
Anyone for Armageddon? (11/30/2004)
Consumer Confidence Falls (11/30/2004)
The Dollar Stares in to the Abyss (11/29/2004)
'They Hate our Policies, not our Freedom' (11/29/2004)
China Questions Dollar Slide, Rejects Pressure on Yuan (11/29/2004)
Oil-for-Food: Payments to Annan Jr. Were Ongoing (11/29/2004)
WHO Aide Warns of Avian Flu Pandemic (11/29/2004)
Divided Ukraine Poised 'on the Brink of Catastrophe' (11/29/2004)
It's Only A Matter of Time (11/27/2004)
Iran to be `No. 1 Regional Power` in 20 Years: Rezaei (11/27/2004)
HUI Leverage to Gold (11/27/2004)
House-Price Boom 'Splits Britain' (11/27/2004)
India: Forex Reserves Cross $125-bn Mark (11/27/2004)
China, Russia Trim Dollars (11/27/2004)

Thanksgiving Smorgasbord

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy...Audiobook
White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel
Meteorite 'Photographed' Hitting Earth
America's Secret War
Hedge Fund Shorts Its Way Into Political Activism

The View From the IMF: Assume Anarchy? (11/24/2004)
UK: Morgan Stanley Slashes Forecasts for House Builders (11/24/2004)
ECB May Refrain From Dollar Purchases (11/24/2004)
Republican Lugar Challenges Election Results (11/24/2004)
The Incredible Presidential Hulk (11/24/2004)
An Intrusive New Search (11/24/2004)
Bond Market Entering Two Month Crash Warning (11/23/2004)
Dollar Hits New Record Euro Low (11/23/2004)
Economic `Armageddon' Predicted (11/23/2004)
Security Placed at Heart of Queen's Speech [Fear is the Key....Ed] (11/23/2004)
Crude Oil Rises to Two-Week High (11/23/2004)
North Korean Tests of Toxic Gas Alleged (11/23/2004)
Fahrenheit Oil and Gold: China & the Final War for Resources (11/22/2004)
Ukraine Election Fraud Too!! (11/22/2004)
Real Commodities Bull (11/22/2004)
The Transformation of Consciousness (11/22/2004)
Sharp Decrease in Syria's Oil Exports Expected (11/22/2004)
National Treasure (11/22/2004)
Morgenson: Stock Party then Retail Hangover (11/22/2004)
Avalanche (11/22/2004)
D2 Open Thread on the Fed (11/22/2004)
Weekend Reading: Looking Deeper at the Dollar

Things That Go Bump In My Worry Closet
Greenspan: Appetite for Dollar to Dwindle
Dollar Sinks After Greenspan Remarks
Dollar Sticks Near Lows
Trade Deficit Impact

Dollar, Oil Sock Stock (11/19/2004)
A Dichotomy in 2 Colors (11/19/2004)
New Oil Projects Cannot Meet World Needs This Decade (11/19/2004)
Companies in 'Oil-for-Food Scam' (11/19/2004)
Goodwin Sees Gold at $500/oz (11/19/2004)
IRS Audits on the Rise (11/19/2004)
Behind the Governments Numbers (11/18/2004)
UN Warns of Afghan 'Drug State' [Predictable...Ed] (11/18/2004)
Gold Prices Zoom to Record Highs (11/18/2004)
Christmas Spending Forecast (11/18/2004)
Crude Oil Falls Back (11/18/2004)
Jaw-dropping Leonids (11/18/2004)
Dollar Melts but Snow Stays Firm (11/18/2004)
2 More Insurance Underwriters Plead Guilty (11/17/2004)
Confiscation (11/17/2004)
Latest Simmons Energy Overview (11/17/2004)
Economy Expands Despite Rising Oil Prices (11/17/2004)
Gold Rises to ANOTHER 16 Year High (11/17/2004)
Economics: Vocation or Profession? (11/17/2004)
UK: Housing Crash Fear Drives Down Prices (11/16/2004)
Gold Futures Climb Back to 1988 Levels (11/16/2004)
Of Inflation, Greed & Gurus' Gurus (11/16/2004)
Iraq Oil Corruption 'Tops $21bn' (11/16/2004)
Fallujah Arithmetic Lesson (11/16/2004)
Three Stages of a Dollar Collapse (11/16/2004)
Golden Christmas Rally (11/15/2004)
Powell Said Poised to Leave Bush Cabinet (11/15/2004)
Iran to Halt Uranium Enrichment (11/15/2004)
Long Walk to Freedom (11/15/2004)
Is the US Killing the Euro? (11/15/2004)
New ETF Could Spark Gold Rush (11/15/2004)
US Dollar Bear Notoriety (11/15/2004)
Weekend Special Report: Sham Election

End Game: Divide and Conquer
90,000 More Ohio Votes Cast than Registered Voters
Tanks Deployed Against Anti-war Protesters in LA
Where Do We Go From Here?
More at Rense.com

Canary in the Coalmine (11/12/2004)
German Ecomomy Slowest Growth in Decade (11/12/2004)
Bank of England: Housing Prices will Fall (11/12/2004)
Soybean Rust in the US (11/12/2004)
Tanks Deployed Against Anti-war Protesters in LA (11/11/2004)
Fed Fourth Rate Hike this Year (11/11/2004)
Foreclosure Rate 'Scary' (11/11/2004)
Wireless Net to Cover Downtown Seattle (11/11/2004)
Bush Revives Bid to Legalize Illegals (11/11/2004)
Meeting Soaring Energy Demand (11/10/2004)
Weak Dollar is Working! (11/11/2004)
Gold Heads for 16 Year High (11/10/2004)
Crude at 7 Week Low (11/10/2004)
Ashcroft Calls it Quits (11/10/2004)
Bush Looks Anew To Alaska Drilling... (11/10/2004)
...as Rapid Arctic Warming Brings Calls for Bush to Reassess Policy (11/10/2004)
Rubin: Dollar Decline May Accelerate (11/10/2004)
Can Asia Dump Bretton Woods II as Dollar Falls? (11/10/2004)
Economic Depression? Precisely Why and Approximately When (11/9/2004)
China Implosion on the Way? (11/9/2004)
Brace for China Hard Landing: IMF (11/9/2004)
US Rates to Rise this Week (11/9/2004)
Commercial Building Boom in Seattle (11/9/2004)
Alan Newman's Crosscurrents: The Importance of Q's (11/9/2004)
Mania Like Tendencies (11/9/2004)
Gambling on Our Future? (11/8/2004)
Roach: A Different America (11/8/2004)
Economic Reality Lurking (11/8/2004)
Rumor: China Selling Dollars (11/8/2004)
SBC Cutting 10,000 (11/8/2004)
Weekend Reading: Insider Trading at the Top

Our Elected Insider Traders
Massive Pre-Attack 'Insider Trading'
Dirty Tricks, Inc.
Senators' Stocks Beat the Market by 12 Percent

Australia's House of Debt (11/5/2004)
U.K: House Price Slide, Rates on Hold (11/5/2004)
Oil Bounces off 5 Week Low (11/5/2004)
The Post-Election Effect (11/5/2004)
Finally! (11/5/2004)
Home Values Built on Rotten Foundations (11/5/2004)
The Bull Runs in Commodities (11/4/2004)
Gold $430 Breakout Expected Soon (11/4/2004)
Letting the Currency Fall as Painlessly as Possible (11/4/2004)
It's Time to Solve Our Energy Crisis (11/4/2004)
Why Europe Needed Bush to Win! (11/4/2004)
Russian Perspective: Shock & Awe (11/4/2004)
To Be An Austrian - A Primer (11/3/2004)
Oil Steadies Near $50 as Bush Nears Win (11/3/2004)
Urban Survival Post Election Wrap (11/3/2004)
Karzai Declared Afghan President (11/3/2004)
Monster's Deadly Warning to "Red" States (11/3/2004)
Sub-Rosa Trade War (11/3/2004)
Bin Laden's Goal: Bankrupt America (11/2/2004)
Urgent Warning to Voters Using Touch Screen / DRE Voting Machines
Are You Better Off? (11/2/2004)
Bin Laden Warns Bush States (11/1/2004)
Kerry, Bush, Neck and Neck (11/1/2004)
States Battle Wal-Mart Over Health Care (11/1/2004)
What About Jobs? (11/1/2004)
GM Plans to Layoff 10,000 TEMPORARILY (11/01/2004)
Can Gold Stop Wars? (11/01/2004)
Is Laissez-Faire a Threat to Freedom? An Answer to George Soros (11/01/2004)
Abused & Conned in Florida (11/01/2004)
Video Vote Vigil - See W's One Finger Salute!
Nigeria Strike Call Targets Shell (11/01/2004)
What is a Gold Bug? (11/01/2004)
World At Risk of Pandemic (11/1/2004)
-------------------------- October 2004 ----------------------
Oil Falls Below 51 (10/29/2004)
Reuters: Dollar at Mercy of Asian Central Banks (10/29/2004)
Surprise: China Central Bank Hikes Rates (10/29/2004)
Economic Instability Looms (10/29/2004)
UK Housing Bubble Beginning Burst (10/29/2004)
Lessons from 1929 (10/28/2004)
Worst Six Months Coming to an End (10/28/2004)
A Different October Surprise (10/28/2004)
New Technology Skews Presidential Polls (10/28/2004)
Electronic Voting in Florida (Satire?) (10/28/2004)
U.S. Government Blocks Web Traffic From Abroad (10/28/2004)
Urgent Warning to Voters Using Touch Screen / DRE Voting Machines (10/28/2004)
Interactive Game: Spot the Plane (10/28/2004)
China's Coming Financial Crisis (10/27/2004)
Red Moon Rising (10/27/2004)
Baseball's Colors Point to a Kerry Win (10/27/2004)
Krugman: Voting and Counting (10/27/2004)
BBC: New Florida Vote Scandal Brewing (10/27/2004)
Consumer Confidence Down (10/26/2004)
Taiwan Semiconductor Profit Growth Lowest Since 2003 (10/26/2004)
Banks Predict Another Rate Increase (10/26/2004)
Forbes: Can the Market Crash Again? (10/26/2004)
On the Brink (10/26/2004)
Europe Gold Eyes 16 Yr High as Euro Surges (10/25/2004)
How Empires Really End (10/25/2004)
UK Economy Slows in Third Quarter (10/25/2004)
Latest Simmons Presentation on Global Oil Issues (10/25/2004)
Gold Bull Market: Just the Beginning (10/25/2004)
Stocks Seen Lower as Oil Adds Pressure (10/25/2004)

Weekend Reading: Watching Earth Change

Windows to the Universe

Dollar Holds Near 8-Month Low on Trade Gap, Investment Concern (10/22/2004)
Economic Indicator Sinks for 4th Month (10/22/2004)
Russian MP's Ratify Kyoto Treaty (10/22/2004)
A Nobel Prize for Not Much (10/22/2004)
Matt Damon Would Pay $1 Million to put Kerry in White House (10/22/2004)
Ex-Citigroup Execs May Face SEC Charges (10/22/2004)
UK: Significant Rise in Debt Woes (10/21/2004)
Tax Noncompliance on the Rise Among IRS Workers (10/21/2004)
South Sea Bubble and Law's Mississippi Scheme (10/21/2004)
Going on Crash Watch (10/21/2004)
Oil & Water: Japan & China (10/21/2004)
SEC Chief Marks Scandal (10/21/2004)
Watch for Steep Decline in the Dollar (10/20/2004)
Why Is $427.60 Crucial for Gold? (10/20/2004)
JP Morgan Chase Down 13% (10/20/2004)
Oil Makes Fresh Surge, Winter Stocks Ebb (10/20/2004)
The Dangers of Economic Isolationism (10/20/2004)
Health Clubbed (10/20/2004)
House Price Falls 'Steepest for Nine Years' (10/19/2004)
Next Gold Bull Wave Is Around The Corner (10/19/2004)
Post Election Years ?The Historical Record (10/19/2004)
A Sick Business (10/19/2004)
Japan: Department Store Sales Slide 5.1% (10/19/2004)
How High will Oil Prices Climb?? (10/19/2004)
Politics of 'Fear Over Vision' Explored on British Television (10/18/2004)
Iamgold Leads Metals Shares Lower (10/18/2004)
Nuclear Comeback Stokes Terror Fears (10/18/2004)
Chicago Board of Trade: Oil at $75? (10/18/2004)
Fuel Worries Keep Oil Prices High (10/18/2004)
Acts of the Apostles (10/18/2004)
Protest: Wildcat Strike at GM Germany (10/15/2004)
Dow Breaks Below 10,000 (10/15/2004)
Bill Gross: Federal Inflation Conspiracy (10/15/2004)
An Alternate Interpretation (10/15/2004)
Emerging Market Debt - Record Levels (10/15/2004)
Ominous: US Deficit vs. US Dollar (10/15/2004)
Ford Bonds Headed for the Junkyard (10/15/2004)
Sharp Global Sharp C02 Rise (10/15/2004)
Amphibians in the Coal Mine (10/15/2004)
General Motors Vauxhall Axe 12,000 UK Jobs (10/14/2004)
Scare Me...Come Dressed as the Money Supply (10/14/2004)
US Arms for Pakistan Spell Trouble for India (10/14/2004)
100 Year Bear Market (10/14/2004)
Orwellian Overtones: A Gain for Chips in People (10/14/2004)
Blood on Street [Wall St.] (10/14/2004)
Never More Sure of a Deflationary Depression (10/13/2004)
Feds Order Fannie Mae to Save Documents (10/13/2004)
Election Plays Small Role in Surging Oil Prices (10/13/2004)
Total Lunar Eclipse: A Blood Moon (10/13/2004)
Journal: America's Addiction to Asian Credit (10/13/2004)
Bank of England Warns of Bleaker Times (10/13/2004)
Bush Record: Pushing a New Order for World (10/12/2004)
U.S. Natural Gas Bills Expected to Rise 15% this Winter (10/12/2004)
Feds Took a Dive in Diva Ink Expert Case (10/12/2004)
No Respite From Rising Oil Prices (10/12/2004)
The Hundreth Monkey (10/12/2004)
Acid Test on Year Old Views (10/12/2004)
Only One Direction for the Dollar (10/11/2004)
Surprise CO2 Rise May Speed Up Global Warming (10/11/2004)
Canary in the Coalmine (10/11/2004)
North Sea Oil Production Wilts (10/11/2004)
George W. Bush: The 2nd Napoleon? (10/11/2004)
The Frantic Search for a Silver Lining (10/11/2004)
Layoffs Pick Up in Tech Sector (10/08/2004)
AT&T to Slash 12,000 Total... (10/08/2004)
...A 'matter of survival' (10/08/2004)
Bank of America to Cut 4,500 (10/08/2004)
Bombadier to Cut 2,000 (10/08/2004)
Final Verdict: No WMD (10/08/2004)
The Truth About Microwave Cooking (10/07/2004)
Oil Prices and the Stock Market (10/07/2004)
Economist: The Illusion of American Prosperity (10/07/2004)
Kerry Gains in CBS/NYT Poll: Race Tied at 47% (10/07/2004)
VP Cheney Promotes Anti-Bush Site (10/07/2004)
Homage to Andy Warhol (10/07/2004)
Google Launches Amazon-Style Book Search Business (10/07/2004)
US Nearing Debt Ceiling (Again) (10/06/2004)
US Benefits Crisis Looms (10/06/2004)
September Layoffs Soar 45 Percent (10/06/2004)
Service Economy Index Falls Hard (10/06/2004)
Bush Unwilling to Face Truth (10/06/2004)
Open Thread: Profiteering in Wartime (10/06/2004)
The People Speak: VP Debate Winner Is... (10/06/2004)
VXN Bounces off 9-year Low (10/06/2004)
Rummy: No Evidence of Al Qaeda-Saddam Link (10/05/2004)
Coalition of the Willing Continues to Erode (10/05/2004)
Iceberg of Promises (10/05/2004)
Oil Back Above $50 (10/05/2004)
Lazard Set to Discuss $3 Billion IPO (10/05/2004)
The New Deal Debunked (again) (10/04/2004)
Drug Resistant Staph Spreads Across US (10/04/2004)
China Holds Firm on Yuan (10/04/2004)
BP Production Levels Slip (10/04/2004)
Mr. Tall & Mr. Small (10/04/2004)
Wolfensohn: World Bank Report, Securing the 21st Century (10/04/2004)
The Ratio of Gold/Silver 1800 to 1900 (10/04/2004)

Weekend Reading: Following the Money '04

The Future of Freedom Foundation

Gold: Relativity (10/01/2004)
Regional Retail Gas Price Graphs (10/01/2004)
Briton Tortured in Guantanamo (10/01/2004)
Rothbard: Lifeboat Situations (10/01/2004)
Taiwan Central Bank Increases Interest Rates (10/01/2004)
Gold is Ultimate Insurance (10/01/2004)
-------------------------- September 2004 ----------------------
Crudele: My Questions on the Economy for the Candidates (9/30/2004)
China: Gold Rush as Mainland Banks Jump Retail Queue (9/30/2004)
Powered by China, World Economy to Grow 5% (9/30/2004)
US Election Period May Herald Big Moves for Dollar (9/30/2004)
Environment: Russia Backs Kyoto Treaty (9/30/2004)
Why the Strong Rally in the Gold Stocks? (9/30/2004)
The Line in the Sand (9/29/2004)
What Iraqi's Think: The Saddam Conspiracy Theory (9/29/2004)
Protecting Yourself Against US Dollar Collapse (9/29/2004)
U.S. Blue Chips Up on Oil Inventory Data (9/29/2004)
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Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future (9/29/2004)
The Peak Oil Debate: Crisis or Comedy? (9/28/2004)
The Disastrous History of Money : Part 5 - Credit (9/28/2004)
Multitudes Mob Mogambo (9/28/2004)
Oil Price Surge 'Threatens Global Growth' (9/28/2004)
British Plan for Asylum Camps Wins Support (9/28/2004)
US Delivers on Financial Assistance to Pakistan (9/28/2004)
Cats, Reptiles and Recessions (9/27/2004)
U.S. Stocks Decline as Oil Prices Rise to Record (9/27/2004)
Pentagon Link to Guinea Coup Plot [Hello!...Ed] (9/27/2004)
Oil Near $50 on Supply Fears in Nigeria (9/27/2004)
Betwixt & Between (9/27/2004)
How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power (9/27/2004)
Weekend Reading: The Lull Before the Storm?

Whether or Not Weather Talk is Cheap
Technical Indicators Breaking Down
Amazing SPX Complacency

Protecting Yourself Against the U.S. Dollar Collapse (9/29/2004)
Mount St. Helens Daily Update 9/28/04 6:30 PM PDT (9/29/2004)
Bond Prices Tumble on PIMCO Call (9/29/2004)
Nigeria: National Strike Threat Over Gas Price (9/29/2004)
Conoco Wins $2 Billion LUKOIL Stake (9/29/2004)
U.K: Mortgage Lending Hits 12 Month Low (9/29/2004)
Mineweb: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse (9/24/2004)
Oil Price Surge Takes a Breather (9/24/2004)
Searching for Growth (9/24/2004)
Weimar and Wall Street (9/24/2004)
U.K: House Prices Dip (9/24/2004)
The Lapse of Time (9/24/2004)
Second US Hostage Killed (9/23/2004)
Kerry: Bush to Bring Back Draft (9/23/2004)
Is Huge U.S. Deficit Sustainable After All? (9/23/2004)
Consumers Feeling the Pinch (9/23/2004)
Boom's Bitter Economic Lesson (9/23/2004)
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble (9/23/2004)
1918 Killer Virus to be Tested in UW Labs (9/23/2004)
Soft Landing is Impossible (9/22/2004)
Consumer Confidence Falls (9/22/2004)
War is Peace (9/22/2004)
Open Thread: What Have We Wrought? (9/22/2004)
Trader's Classroom (9/22/2004)
What is Bush Hiding? (9/21/2004)
When Politics Matter (9/21/2004)
War Gaming the Mullahs (9/21/2004)
Origin of the Fed (9/21/2004)
IMF: US Policies Dangerous (9/21/2004)
Dollar May Devalue Further (9/21/2004)
Recent Observations from the Blog (9/20/2004)
Hu Takes Full Power in China (9/20/2004)
Is the Housing Boom Over? (9/20/2004)
Mortgage Fraud Rampant in US (9/20/2004)
Narco Dollars for Beginners (9/20/2004)
Productivity Endgame (9/20/2004)
Central Banks: About to Annouce Gold Sales (9/17/2004)
Pundits See Long Fuse to US Deficit Timebomb (9/17/2004)
Chavez: Oil Could Hit $100 Due to War (9/17/2004)
Sony Warning on Christmas Sales (9/17/2004)
Oil Empire.US (9/17/2004)
Kerry/Bush: Whose Bloodline is Bluer? (9/17/2004)
The Web of US Presidents Online (9/17/2004)
Exporting Our Technology & Our Jobs (9/16/2004)
US Economic & Interest Rate Outlook (9/16/2004)
Silver Summit: The Probalistic Center of The Universe (9/16/2004)
IMF: No Sign of House Price Fall (9/16/2004)
Consumer Prices Rise; Jobless Claims Up (9/16/2004)
U.K: House Market Crash: Bootle v Congdon (9/16/2004)
Riding the Volcano: Is Gold Being Controlled? (9/15/2004)
A Possible Run on the Dollar? (9/15/2004)
New Cracks in Nuclear Containment (9/15/2004)
Brazil's Central Bank May Raise Rates After 19 Months (9/15/2004)
4 Bankers Executed in China for Fraud! (9/15/2004)
Oil Prices Surge As Hurricane Ivan Nears (9/15/2004)
Musa: Gates of Hell Open in Iraq (9/15/2004)
Bush vs. Kerry: The Fake Debate (9/14/2004)
Citigroup Under Investigation for $11 EuroBond Sale (9/14/2004)
The US Economy Is The Next 9/11 (9/14/2004)
Showdown Over Iranian Nukes (9/14/2004)
Americans Suspicious of Terror Plans, Survey Shows (9/14/2004)
Europe as the World’s New Moral Center? (9/14/2004)
US Airways Seeks Bankruptcy Order (9/13/2004)
The Risks Ahead for the World Economy (9/13/2004)
Tactical Silver Trends (9/13/2004)
US Oil Prices Rise as Ivan Threatens (9/13/2004)
September 11th - What You Ought Not to Know (9/13/2004)
The Great Macro Profit Illusion (9/13/2004)
Weekend Reading

International Election: The Silent Swing Votes
Harry's Latest Gold Commentary

To Whom It May Concern (Must Read) (9/10/2004)
Pre-emptive World War (9/10/2004)
Origin of the Income Tax (9/10/2004)
WTO Orders US to Reduce Crop Supports (9/10/2004)
Health Costs Rise 11.2% in 2004 (9/10/2004)
US Air to Declare (9/10/2004)
Why Create a Depression? (9/9/2004)
Greenspan Rosy, Out of Touch with Reality (9/9/2004)
UCLA: Ression Risk (9/9/2004)
Delta to Slash 7,000 (9/9/2004)
NWO: Kerry Wins in Global Landslide (9/9/2004)
U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Pass 1,000 (9/8/2004)
August Worst Month in Iraq So Far (9/8/2004)
Deflation Delayed is not Deflation Denied (9/8/2004)
Population Loss Turning More of the Rural West Into Ghost Counties (9/8/2004)
US Planned Job Cuts Rise (9/8/2004)
Bye, Bye, Floppy (9/8/2004)
Trouble in the Empire of Printalot? (9/7/2004)
Pearle: Iraq Invasion Was Illegal (9/7/2004)
1929 Flashback: The Babson Break (9/7/2004)
Camry to be Built in China (9/7/2004)
Check 21: Checks No Longer Float (9/7/2004)
Flat Panel Monitors: Don't Buy Yet(9/7/2004)

Labor Day Special

Happy Labor Day: US Recovery Not Helping Workers (9/6/2004)
Happy Labor Day: Weak Employment Here to Stay (9/6/2004)
An Economy That Turns American Values Upside Down (9/6/2004)
Happy International Labor Day: Alitalia to Slash 5,000 (9/6/2004)
The Beat Goes On: FTSE 4-month High (9/6/2004)
-------------------------- August 2004 ----------------------
Axioms of the Global Economic Order [Must Read....Ed] (9/2/2004)
Big Buyers Visible in Gold (9/2/2004)
Oil Price Rally Takes Off Again (9/2/2004)
Regime Rotation 2004: Part I (9/2/2004)
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Pornography and the Bear Market (9/2/2004)
Retail Sales, Productivity Sluggish in August (9/2/2004)
Banned in America (9/1/2004)
Poll: 50%+ New Yorkers Believe Govt Complicit in 9/11 (9/1/2004)
Oil Snaps back after 8-day Slump (9/1/2004)
The Lord Taketh (9/1/2004)
Dollar Up on Factory Data (9/1/2004)
Putin And The Geopolitics Of Oil (9/1/2004)
Fractional Reserve Banking Prevents Gold Standard (8/31/2004)
The Monetary Economics of Thurston Howell III (8/31/2004)
BBC Blasts Bully Blair (8/31/2004)
Britons Losing Taste for Debt (8/31/2004)
Neocon vs. Neocon (8/31/2004)
Get Ready for the "Peak" Experience (8/31/2004)
Hardly A Global Soft Patch (8/30/2004)
Never Mind Gold's Price, Look at Volume (8/30/2004)
Defense Department Monitoring Website (8/30/2004)
Ominous Signs in Avian Flu's Return (8/30/2004)
The Long Summer (8/30/2004)
Thatcher, Archer and a Very British Coup (8/30/2004)
Weekend Reading: Potpourri

Richard Reeves: The Real Issue: Bush is Incompetent
China Gains Political Strength, Powered by Trade
Elephants, Bulls and Bears, Oh My!
Using Trendlines to Anticipate Market Turns
Japanese Yen Revaluation?

Ron Paul: The 9-11 Commission Charade (8/26/2004)
Over 12% of Americans (36 Million) in Poverty (8/26/2004)
And More Without Health Insurance (8/26/2004)
Taiwan Exports Hit All Time High (8/26/2004)
China's Economy Still at Risk (8/26/2004)
Things You Were Afraid to Ask About Government Economic Reports (8/26/2004)
Using Trendlines to Anticipate Market Turns (8/26/2004)
Feds Bust File Sharers (8/26/2004)
Banks Laundered Iraqi Oil for Food Money (8/26/2004)
July New Homes Sales Fall 6.4% (8/26/2004)
How Long Will Foreign Central Banks Keep Financing Us? (8/26/2004)
Mandlebrot: Markets More Dangerous Than You Know(8/26/2004)
Did Anti-depressants Depress Japan? (8/25/2004)
Sprott Asset Management: Gold Price Manipulation Report (8/25/2004)
Two Great Depressions, One Lifetime (8/25/2004)
Terrorism Suspected in Russian Jet Crashes (8/25/2004)
Housing Bubble? Fed Doesn't Know (Again) (8/25/2004)
Thousands Flee Homes in Taiwan (8/25/2004)
Taiwan Braces for Typhoon Aere (8/24/2004)
Philippines will not default. Repeat: The Philippines will NEVER default (8/24/2004)
May Face Argentine-style Crisis (8/24/2004)
Greenspan in Focus (8/24/2004)
King Kong Debt Meets Middle Class Life (8/24/2004)
Yukos Oil Production to Fall 4.5% (8/24/2004)
China Fears Food Crisis (8/23/2004)
Bush = Hoover (8/23/2004)
Bush Administration: High Oil is a Problem (8/23/2004)
Here Comes Inflation: Lumber Prices Through the Roof (8/23/2004)
Morgenson: The Peril That Trails an Oil Shock (8/23/2004)
The Blog / Journal is Back! (8/20/2004)
Weekend Reading: Jerry Mander

Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television
Corporate Colonialism
The Failure of Globalization

Oil Pushing $50! (8/20/2004)
Nortel to Cut 3,500 (8/20/2004)
Google Closes at $100 (8/20/2004)
P2P Scores Legal Victory (8/20/2004)
Amazon Moving into China (8/20/2004)
The Future is Being Made in Taiwan (8/20/2004)
Rifkin: Worlds Apart on the Vision Thing (8/19/2004)
The Hugo Chavez Card (8/19/2004)
Revolution for the Poor: Why Chavez Won (8/19/2004)
Enron and California's Energy Crisis (8/19/2004)
Dubbydub (8/19/2004)
Army Reservist Files Breach Suit Against Rumsfeld (8/18/2004)
PE's Hide the Bear (8/18/2004)
The Secular Bear (8/18/2004)
Tech is Dead! Long Live Tech! (8/18/2004)
Twin Deficits at Flashpoint (8/18/2004)
Ron Paul: Election Monitoring- Insulting Yet Inevitable (8/18/2004)
Last Call for Google (8/17/2004)
Cement Shortage Hits US Housing Boom (8/17/2004)
Dow Disaster (8/17/2004)
Secular Bear Market (8/17/2004)
PE's Hide the Bear (8/17/2004)
Gofsky on Gold (8/17/2004)
US Debt Burden Higher than During Depression I (8/16/2004)
Alan Newman: Telling Factors (8/16/2004)
Fed exposes fragility of US economic expansion (8/16/2004)
New Credit Scoring System Greeted Wearily (8/16/2004)
Cannabis Extract Shrinks Brain Tumours (8/16/2004)
Weekend Reading

China's Auto Sales Plunge
China's Stock Market Started Plunge in April
China's Three-Pronged War Against Taiwan

Explosion Pushes Oil to New Record (8/13/2004)
State Loses 17,300 Jobs - 'Experts' Puzzled (8/13/2004)
2001: It was a Slump, NOT a Recession (8/13/2004)
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Gold Standard of the 21st Century (8/11/2004)
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Resurrecting Empire (8/11/2004)
UK Unemployment on the Rise Again (8/11/2004)
Stocks Under Siege (8/11/2004)
Deflation & Depression: Where's the Link? (8/10/2004)
US Productivity Stronger Than Expected (8/10/2004)
Fascist Environment is Forming in Taiwan (8/10/2004)
UK: Attack Your Debt! (8/10/2004)
Blast Vegas? (8/10/2004)
Iran: US rules out Nothing (8/10/2004)
Oil Touches $45/barrel, Then Eases (8/10/2004)
World Bank: Don't Finance Dictatorships (8/9/2004)
Beware of $400 Gold (8/9/2004)
Gas Guzzlers' Shock Therapy (8/9/2004)
Street Braces for Fed Meet, Greenspeak' (8/9/2004)
Purchase of US Assets by Asian Central Banks Scrutinized (8/9/2004)
Gold Futures Narrowly Above $400 (8/9/2004)
Poor US Jobs Figures Hit Markets (8/6/2004)
Not All Is Well Mr. Greenspan (8/6/2004)
If the Markets Dive, So Will GOld Stocks (8/6/2004)
Another View on Oil (8/6/2004)
Oil Prices: How Long Can the World Cope? (8/6/2004)
Behold What the FED Hath Wrought (8/6/2004)
U.K: Debt Fears as Interest Rates Rise Again (8/5/2004)
Chords for Change (8/5/2004)
Absolute Labor Disadvantage(8/5/2004)
The "Carry Trade" Economy (8/5/2004)
Bad for Stocks, Good for Gold? (8/5/2004)
Oil Price Threat to Global Growth (8/5/2004)
Turner Bites the Hand that Feeds Them (8/4/2004)
Inflation Without Gold - The Record (8/4/2004)
Crude Oil - A View from a Different "Angle" (8/4/2004)
U.K: A Model for Sweeping Political Change (8/4/2004)
Bearish Fund comes out of Hibernation (8/4/2004)
Gold: Back to the Future (8/4/2004)
Ridge Defends "Political" Terror Warnings! (8/4/2004)
Gary North: Another Great Depression? (8/3/2004)
OPEC Head: We Have No Extra Oil! (8/3/2004)
The POP Superpower (8/3/2004)
How Commerce Dept Made The Recession Disappear (8/3/2004)
Poor Man's Gold (8/3/2004)
Consumer Spending Dives (8/3/2004)
Deutsche Warns Oil Price May Hit $100 (8/3/2004)
Oil's New Record Price Near $44 (8/2/2004)
Gold Up on Terror Alert (8/2/2004)
Swanson Likes Warren Buffet's Big Bet (8/2/2004)
Johnnie Been Good [Palast on Kerry] (8/2/2004)
On Wall Street: A CRASH Around the Corner? (8/2/2004)
Why are Oil Prices so High? (8/2/2004)
A Classic "Fear Market" (8/2/2004)
-------------------------- July 2004 ----------------------
Coup d'Etat in America? (7/30/2004)
Michael Moore & Freedom (7/30/2004)
Global Oil Production Now Flat-Out (7/30/2004)
Money Created Out of Thin Air (7/30/2004)
Americans' Income Fell for 2 Years (7/30/2004)
Low Volatility: The Lull Before the Storm (7/30/2004)
Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression (7/30/2004)
Big Brother Awards (7/30/2004)
Is Saudi Arabia Running Out of Oil? (7/29/2004)
Money Matters & Gold (7/29/2004)
Oil Crisis Looms (7/29/2004)
Prices/Output Push Exxon & Mobil Profits (7/29/2004)
Mining Magnate Declares Gold Passe (7/29/2004)
China, Pakistan to Launch Anti-Terrorism Exercise (7/29/2004)
Crude Oil Surges to Record High (7/28/2004)
Oil Spike II (7/28/2004)
How to Stay Out of the Military (Draft Resistance) (7/28/2004)
Is the Real Estate Boom Sustainable? (7/28/2004)
A Love Affair that Survived Even 9/11 (7/28/2004)
A-bomb Victims' Remains Being Exhumed on Island (7/28/2004)
The Real Show (7/27/2004)
U.K: Lending Soars to New Highs (7/27/2004)
Russia's Oligarchs: Their Risky Routes to Riches (7/27/2004)
A Global Strategy For Dealing With Islam (7/27/2004)
Write in Ron Paul for President! (7/27/2004)
One Last Shakeout For Mining Shares? (7/27/2004)
Three Myths Confusing Gold Mining Investors (7/26/2004)
World Creeping Towards "Oil Shock" (7/26/2004)
China's Energy Horror Story (7/26/2004)
UK: Households to get Terrorism Propaganda Pamphlet (7/26/2004)
Is a Stock Market Crash Imminent? (7/26/2004)
Humor: JibJab (7/26/2004)
What Do WMD's And Your Portfolio Have In Common? (7/23/2004)
Happy Birthday Richard Russell (7/23/2004)
Stocks Slump, Microsoft, Coke Weigh (7/23/2004)
Curtain Up on $2B Morgan Deal For AMC (7/23/2004)
The Chinese Boom Can't Last (7/23/2004)
At War with Summer (7/23/2004)
Six Reasons to Back up the Truck on Gold (7/22/2004)
AT&T to Stop Consumer Sales; 2nd-Qtr Profit Plunges (7/22/2004)
JPM Allots $2.3B to Cover Client Claims (7/22/2004)
Africa: Mercenaries Back in Prison Court [Who Do They Work For?] (7/22/2004)
Lay Indictment a Drop in the Bucket of Corporate Crime (7/22/2004)
High Oil Prices are Made in the USA (7/22/2004)
Cloned Cows to be Launched at Bio Taiwan 2004 [Insane Cow Desease!?] (7/21/2004)
Dollar Rises, Gold Falls (7/21/2004)
Blackouts Hit Booming China Economy (7/21/2004)
New Attacks Add to Pressure on Oil Prices (7/21/2004)
Midyear Economic & Market Review (7/21/2004)
Iraq is not Improving: It's a Disaster (7/21/2004)
Lawmakers to Grill Greenspan on June Lull (7/20/2004)
Oil Drought Could Be Our Savior (7/20/2004)
Book to Read: THE GREAT BUST AHEAD (7/20/2004)
The Ghost of Vice President Wallace (7/20/2004)
Oil Close to $42 (7/20/2004)
Gold has Biggest Decline in a Week as Dollar Rallies (7/20/2004)
Worlds Biggest Hedge Fund (7/19/2004)
The Franco-German Alliance Against Market Freedom (7/19/2004)
Kerry Backs Bush's Pre-Emption Doctrine [Skulls Stick Together](7/19/2004)
Economic Whiplash (7/19/2004)
2004: The Year of Peak Oil (7/19/2004)
Union Carbide Pays for Bhopal [Finally] (7/19/2004)
Regime Change in Iran now in Bush’s Sights (7/19/2004)
Sailing Toward a Storm in China: U.S. Maneuvers Could Spark a War (7/16/2004)
Global Property Bubble Part 1 (7/15/2004)
Europe or Free Trade? (7/15/2004)
Oil at 6 Week High: $41 (7/15/2004)
Guta Bank Saves Itself & Russia from Banking Crisis (7/15/2004)
Legal Costs Hurt Citigroup (7/15/2004)
Economy Slowed in June but on Rebound (7/15/2004)
A Storm of Historic Proportions (7/14/2004)
Surprised in October? A New World of Oil (7/14/2004)
Retail Sales: Larger-Than-Expected Fall (7/14/2004)
It's Magic (7/14/2004)
Waiting for the Big One (7/14/2004)
7 Million People Threatened in India/Bangladesh Flooding (7/14/2004)
The Economics of Water in the West (7/13/2004)
Oil Driving U.S. Move On Sudan (7/13/2004)
Oil Kamikaze (7/13/2004)
What would Lincoln Say About Canceling A Presidential Election? (7/13/2004)
The "Other" Documentary About Iraq War: WMD (7/13/2004)
Tactical Gold Trends (7/13/2004)
Russian Bank Crisis Panics Public (7/9/2004)
Stupid White Movie (7/9/2004)
Oil at $100 p/b Report Says (7/9/2004)
What Happens When a Church Goes Bankrupt? (7/9/2004)
Gold to $450 By Mid-August? (7/9/2004)
Carlyle's Way (7/9/2004)
US Stocks Fall (7/8/2004)
Enron Ex-Boss Surrenders to FBI (7/8/2004)
Why Be Proud of Government Work? (7/8/2004)
Russia: Gold & Currency Reserves Hit Record High (7/8/2004)
Fractional Reserve Banking (7/8/2004)
Congressman Kirk Also Works for the CIA [Who's Your Daddy?] (7/8/2004)
Battle of the Titans (7/8/2004)
Africa ?Because We Can, We Must (7/7/2004)
We Are All Doomed, Doomed, Doomed (7/7/2004)
Fahrenheit 9/11: Your Reaction (7/7/2004)
Chain Store Sales Finish June in the Red (7/7/2004)
Iraq's Interim Prime Minister Signs Emergency Law (7/7/2004)
Dollar Slides Amid Worries Over US Economic Recovery (7/7/2004)
Africa "Should Not Pay Its Debts" (7/6/2004)
Gold Bull to Reassert Itself (7/6/2004)
Freedom's Requisite (7/6/2004)
Shell Profit Exaggerated by $432 million (7/6/2004)
Asia Warned of AIDS Catastrophe (7/6/2004)
Alaska's New Gold Rush (7/6/2004)
Yukos Defaults on $1bn Bank Loan (7/5/2004)
Oil Prices Rise on Threats to Supply (7/5/2004)
Gold Confiscation Hydra 1.1 (7/5/2004)
Insurgents Attack King George (7/5/2004)
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Doesn't Go Far Enough (7/5/2004)
Richard Russell on Gold (7/5/2004)
Marts Sink on Growing Fear of Weak Recovery (7/2/2004)
Peak Oil (ASPO) Newsletter (7/2/2004)
Iraq and the Coming Dark Age (7/2/2004)
The Stock Market is not Physics (7/2/2004)
Our Global Pyramid Scheme (7/2/2004)
Investment Success and the Long-Term Gold Bull (7/2/2004)
Rising Rates to Cost Consumers (7/1/2004)
Martin Wolf vs. the World Bank (7/1/2004)
Gold Ticks Higher but seen in Range (7/1/2004)
Thousands in Hong Kong Protest March (7/1/2004)
Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly (7/1/2004)
J.P. Morgan Seals $58B Bank One Purchase [Can you say "Duopoly?"] (7/1/2004)
Gold Cartel Smashes Bullion Right on Cue (6/30/2004)
The Metals Report: Gold Fails to Hold $400 (6/30/2004)
US Interest Rates Poised to Rise (6/30/2004)
Banc One is Fined $90M Over Funds....Fraud! (6/30/2004)
Money Matters No More? (6/30/2004)
Bush Would Support Martial Law in Iraq [Duh!] (6/30/2004)
Army Plans Involuntary Call-up of Thousands (6/29/2004)
BP Raises Oil and Gas Reserve Figures (6/29/2004)
WorldCom Banks Balk at $2.8 Billion (6/29/2004)
The Calm Before the Storm (6/29/2004)
Gold & Euro Drop on Interest Rate Fears (6/29/2004)
Natural Gas Prices set to Skyrocket in the Fall (6/28/2004)
May Consumer Spending Surges, Prices Rise (6/28/2004)
China Tops US in Investment Table (6/28/2004)
US Kills United's Bid for Loan Backing (6/28/2004)
After Election FED will get Bold (6/28/2004)
SPX Volatility Extinctions 2 (6/28/2004)

Weekend Reading

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique
"Fahrenheit" is Moore's Screen Gem
House of Bush House of Saud

Water: The New Blue Gold (6/25/2004)
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Bank Eyes Consumer Gold Rush (6/24/2004)
Iran Releases British Sailors (6/24/2004)
The Fed and the Gold Price (6/23/2004)
Chinese Bank Launches Repurchasable Gold Bar Trade (6/23/2004)
Is the Dollar Crisis Over? (6/23/2004)
Wal-Mart's War (6/23/2004)
IBM 'Helped in Nazi Mass-Murder' (6/23/2004)
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The Fed's Hyper-liquidity Endgame (6/22/2004)
Are Markets Boring? (6/22/2004)
British Bankers Fight Against Enron Extradition (6/22/2004)
Cheap Gold: The Bankers Unintended Gift (6/22/2004)
Can China Go Green? (6/22/2004)
Iran to Charge British Sailors (6/22/2004)
J. Taylor on Financial Markets (6/21/2004)
It's The Bubbles Stupid (6/21/2004)
Richard Heinberg on Dwindling Oil and 9/11 (6/21/2004)
UK: House Prices Take First Tumble on Interest Rate Increases (6/21/2004)
Tokyo Stocks Higher, Dollar Down (6/21/2004)
Will Michael Moore's Fact Check Out? (6/21/2004)
A Commodity (6/18/2004)
US Groups Want Moore Film Banned (6/18/2004)
Shell Chief's Fears, Shock Industry/World (6/18/2004)
Inflation: The Silent Tax (6/18/2004)
Gold Appears to Have Bottomed (6/18/2004)
It All Leads to Texas (6/18/2004)
A Call For Action (6/17/2004)
Secure your Gold and Oil Positions (6/17/2004)
SEC Goes After Bear Stearns (6/17/2004)
Get Ready for $50 Per Barrel (6/17/2004)
Ashcroft May Face Prison Over 9/11 Cover-up (6/17/2004)
Stocks Lower on Inflation Fears and Iraq (6/17/2004)
Why Invest in Gold Now? (6/16/2004)
Cycle of Deflation Still Ahead (6/16/2004)
A 5-step Plan for Surviving the Storm (6/16/2004)
Sprint to Lay Off 1,100, Backs Forecast (6/16/2004)
UK Bid to Clone Human Embryo (6/16/2004)
Attacks cripple Iraq Oil Exports (6/16/2004)
India's Oil Demand Grows by 10% in May (6/15/2004)
The Myth of the Social Security"Trust Fund" (6/15/2004)
Factory Gate Prices Surge Higher (6/15/2004)
Marts Tank on Inflation Fears (6/15/2004)
Suggestions on Building a Serious Portfolio (6/15/2004)
A Hoax to Raise Our Consciousness (6/15/2004)
Whose Blood? Whose Oil? (6/14/2004)
Russell on Gold (6/14/2004)
One More Time With Feeling (6/14/2004)
BP May be Forced to Downgrade Reserves (6/14/2004)
Retail Sales Jump, Trade Gap Hits Record (6/14/2004)
Milwaukee's Mess (6/14/2004)

Weekend Research

Prof. John Percival Day. 1/9/1930
Address to the Empire Club of Canada
Re: Bank of International Settlements

So, Numbers Don't Lie...Hmm! (6/11/2004)
Col. Gaddafi Accused of Saudi Death Plot (6/11/2004)
Higher Interest Rates & A Stronger Dollar (6/11/2004)
Finally: Shell Admits Fuelling Corruption (6/11/2004)
Spitzer Goes After Aetna Insurance (6/11/2004)
Face Decline in Oil Production Before it’s Too Late (6/11/2004)
International Forecaster: June (6/10/2004)
Richard Russell: Be in Dollars Now (6/10/2004)
UK: Bank Raises Rates to 4.5% (6/10/2004)
Import Prices Surge, Jobless Claims Rise (6/10/2004)
Live Free, or Be Killed (6/10/2004)
The America vs. Arabia Battle? (6/10/2004)
British Army Ready to Guard Food if Fuel Crisis Flares (6/09/2004)
Hathaway: Gold Has Adjusted, Smooth Sailing Ahead (6/09/2004)
The Inevitable Peak, & Decline, of Oil (6/09/2004)
CCR to Sue Iraq Mercenary Outfits (6/09/2004)
Defeating Nazi.... (6/09/2004)
NWO Leaders List from 2004 Bilderberg Meeting [Ended 6/6/04] (6/09/2004)
The Silent Partner in Family Decline (6/08/2004)
DOW UP 148 ON OPTIMISM [Or M3 Pumping?...Ed] (6/08/2004)
Is the World's Oil Running Out Fast? (6/08/2004)
Greenspan Ready to Guard Price Stability [Ain't that a Relief!] (6/08/2004)
Western Airlines will be Direct Targets Warns Al Qaida (6/08/2004)
Russia Attends G8 with WTO Membership in Mind (6/08/2004)
G8 Summit Near Jekyll Island (6/08/2004)
The Terror Factor (6/07/2004)
Gold, Oil & a Major Terrorist Attack (6/07/2004)
U.S. Plans to Cut Troops in S.Korea by a Third (6/07/2004)
Oil Prices Slip Further (6/07/2004)
Greg Palast on Ronnie Reagan (6/07/2004)
A Leap of Faith (6/07/2004)
The Bullshit Lords..Daily Lies on the Web (6/07/2004)

Weekend Watching

Fahrenheit 9/11

No Hoax: Meteor Explosion Lights Up Skies - Including Video (6/04/2004)
Americans Skeptical on Job Market (6/04/2004)
Greenspan's Bubbles (6/04/2004)
Whither the Dollar (6/04/2004)
Personal Debt in UK at Alarming Levels (6/04/2004)
Intel: Sales Soaring! Ups Guidance (6/04/2004)
Computer Failure Grounds British Flights (6/03/2004)
Sony to Leave Handheld Market (6/03/2004)
Wal-Mart Same Store Sales Rise 5.9% (6/03/2004)
PC Demand Slows (6/03/2004)
China to Taiwan: War Games a Message (6/03/2004)
McHugh on the Coming Crash (6/02/2004)
Oil Hits Record; OPEC Tries to Assuage Fears (6/02/2004)
The World Bank: Your Money or Your Life? (6/02/2004)
Argentina Seeks Debt Overhaul (6/02/2004)
'Fahrenheit 9/11' To Be Released In June (6/02/2004)
Gold Rising Again (6/01/2004)
Does Wal-Mart Destroy Communities? (6/01/2004)
Relationship of Oil, Stocks Leads to Ugly Truths (6/01/2004)
122 Years on, Venus Readies to Keep its Date with Sun (6/01/2004)
The Lying Game (6/01/2004)
Oil Surges After Saudi Attacks (6/01/2004)
Weekend Reading 5/28 - 5/30/2004
NWO, Foundations, Opium & Prisons
Eugenics: An Antidemocratic Policy
The Boodle Boys
The US Prison Industrial Complex
Think Tanks....Who Does the Thinking?
A History of the New World Order - Part 1
Who Are These People - How Did We Get Here??!
Chinese Perspective: US Global Strategy Foiled (5/28/2004)
Italy Warns of Bush Unrest Threat (5/28/2004)
Gold vs. Fiat: Demanding a Divorce (5/28/2004)
Britain Still Booming as House Prices & Exports Hit Highs (5/28/2004)
Russian Oil Giant, Yukos, May Go Bankrupt (5/28/2004)
24's Subversive Message (5/28/2004)
Oil Slips & Stocks Take Off (5/28/2004)
CRASHMAKER [Buy this book.....Ed] (5/27/2004)
Which Way the Young? (5/27/2004)
Are You Certain Gold Has Bottomed? (5/27/2004)
"Twisted and Maniacal" (5/27/2004)
Amnesty International: US War Most Bankrupt in 50 Yrs(5/27/2004)
Oil Slips to $40; OPEC Considers Options (5/27/2004)
New Home Sales Tumble 11.8 Percent (5/27/2004)
Keep Your Finger on the BUY Button (5/26/2004)
Paid As You Burn (5/26/2004)
Singapore: A Model for China? (5/26/2004)
Durable Goods Orders Sink Sharply in April (5/26/2004)
The Derivatives Wild Card (5/25/2004)
Stocks Move Lower, Oil a Drag on Market (5/25/2004)
Gold & Silver Commentary for Today (5/25/2004)
Congress Tries to "Can" Spam Again (5/25/2004)
Michael Moore's Candid Camera (5/25/2004)
Wall Street Firms Give Millions to Bush (5/25/2004)
The Modern World (5/25/2004)
Insiders Selling Like its 1999 (5/24/2004)
Uncharted Seas: 2004 Energy Markets (5/24/2004)
Stocks to Rise on Lower Oil Prices (5/24/2004)
Are Troubles in Iraq Hurting Investment Climate? (5/24/2004)
Turning Points (5/24/2004)
Canada, U.S. Scientists Impatient for 'Slow Quake' (5/24/2004)
Weekend Reading 5/22 - 5/23/2004
Crashes, Bubbles, Usury, Gold & Gas!
Usury: Just the Facts
Gold Boiling in Oil 3
Flash Bubbles
OPEC Concerned, Leaves Oil Hike To June
Why We Should Pay More for Gas
The Facts Brought to you Live - Not Available on TV!
This Week's News 5/17 - 5/21 2004

Weekend Reading 5/15 - 5/16/2004
The Unregulated World of Global Derivative Trading
BIS Report on 2003 Second Half Derivative Activity
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Derivatives Factsheet 2003
The Derivatives Time Bomb
Gambling on Derivatives
The World is Leveraged Beyond Belief!
Oil Prices And Harbingers Of Doom (5/14/2004)
Inflation - Deflation (5/14/2004)
The Rousseau of the Right (5/14/2004)
Back to the 70's (5/14/2004)
China's Industrial Output Up 19.1% n April (5/14/2004)
Dollar Holds on to Gains as Reports Signal Good Growth (5/14/2004)
The Market Nugget (5/13/2004)
Retail Sales Down, Wholesale Prices Up (5/13/2004)
The Threat of Rising Interest Rates (5/13/2004)
US Dollar Bear-Market Rally Targets Reached (5/13/2004)
India's Government Concedes Defeat (5/13/2004)
Gas Hits Another High (5/13/2004)
Their Private War (5/12/2004)
Markets Flashing Red Over Profits (5/12/2004)
US Stocks Decline on Record Trade Deficit (5/12/2004)
Strong Economy, Oil Push Trade Gap to Record (5/12/2004)
Turning Point (5/12/2004)
Dollar Steams Ahead (5/11/2004)
The Secret Rescue (5/11/2004)
An Oil Shock Would Rattle the World's Economy (5/11/2004)
China: Steel Prices Falling Back (5/11/2004)
Bomb Blast Damages Iraqi Oil Pipeline (5/11/2004)
A Failure of Leadership at the Highest Levels (5/11/2004)
The Fed has Lost the Bond Market’s Confidence (5/10/2004)
The Classic Bart Simpson Defense (5/10/2004)
U.S. Stock-Index Futures Tumble: GE, Citi Shares Decline (5/10/2004)
That Old Greenspan Magic Seems to be Fading (5/10/2004)
Inflation, ho! (a primer on deflation) (5/10/2004)
Why is Consumer Confidence Falling? (5/10/2004)
Weekend Reading 5/8 - 5/9/2004
Stuff to Read From Around The World
Ghost Town [Must Read]
The Leipzig Connection
A Pleasing Welcome in Kabul
A New Rift?
We Live in A Changing World - Are You Ready For Anything?
Fears That Oil Price is Fuelling Inflation [Duh!] (5/7/2004)
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday (5/7/2004)
PrisonPlanet.tv on 911 (5/7/2004)
Stocks Seen Lower After Strong Jobs Data (5/7/2004)
3 Big Threats to China's Economic Miracle (5/7/2004)
Muzzling Michael, Muzzling Me (5/7/2004)
Fed's Poole Urges End GSE Treasury Credit Lines (5/7/2004)
Oil Nears $40 on U.S. Gas, Security Fears (5/6/2004)
Interest Rates and "The Death of Gold" (5/6/2004)
Bank of England Raises Rate to 4.25% (5/6/2004)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits U.S. Troops in Germany (5/6/2004)
The FOMC Statement: Something For Everyone (5/6/2004)
Put Money on Gold Not Dollars (5/5/2004)
Prepare for Worst Market Seer Warns (5/5/2004)
Six Reasons Why Gold Shares are Still Sexy (5/5/2004)
The Deficit Debate (5/5/2004)
What Gold & Silver Analysts Overlook (5/5/2004)
Al Qaeda Strikes at US-Saudi Oil (5/5/2004)
Stocks Open Near Flat, Oil Prices Weigh (5/5/2004)
Russell on the Bear Market (5/4/2004)
Gas Record High (5/4/2004)
The Deflation Dog Didn't Bite Afterall (5/4/2004)
Crude at 13 year High (5/4/2004)
The Latest C.R.A.P Report (5/4/2004)
Silver Corrects or Crashes? (5/4/2004)
Big Fed News Ahead (5/3/2004)
Hedge Funds: Accident Waiting to Happen (5/3/2004)
Buffett Warns on Inflation (5/3/2004)
Kuwait Exchange Falls Below 5,000 (5/3/2004)
Taiwan Testing 6,000 (5/3/2004)
Bush Yoga (5/1/2004)
Gateway to cut 1,500 More (5/1/2004)
Dow Chemical to cut 3,000 (5/1/2004)
Winn-Dixie to cut 10,000 (5/1/2004)
Weekend Reading 5/1 - 5/2/2004
Roach: Trouble Brewing in Asia (5/1/2004)
China Cools Lending, Markets Shiver (5/1/2004)
China Fears Depress Asian Markets Again (5/1/2004)
-------------------------- April 2004 ----------------------
World Markets Crumble (4/30/2004)
Gateway to cut 1,500 More (4/30/2004)
Dow Chemical to cut 3,000 (4/30/2004)
Winn-Dixie to cut 10,000 (4/30/2004)
Iraq was a Mistake: American People (4/29/2004)
Blair Rebuked by Countrymen for Supporting U.S. (4/29/2004)
Consumer Hubris Keeps Rising (4/29/2004)
AOL Loses 237,000 Subscribers (4/29/2004)
Shell to cut 2,800 (4/29/2004)
Hyundai = Honda in Quality! (4/29/2004)
The End of Oldsmobile (4/29/2004)
Russell on the Dollar and Gold (4/28/2004)
Federal Funds Fuel Hydrogen Study (4/28/2004)
Developing Asia to Outperform World Economy (4/28/2004)
Why Rates Appear Likely to Rise, and Other Free Advice (4/28/2004)
Bush, Cheney to Suspend Election 2004? (4/28/2004)
D2 Open Thread: Cancelled Elections, 2004? (4/28/2004)
The Bear's Lair: The Awakening Conscience (4/27/2004)
Powell's Definition of Iraq Sovereignty (4/27/2004)
West Faces Sixth Year of Drought: Conditions Rival Dust Bowl (4/27/2004)
Senate to Vote on Internet Tax Ban (4/27/2004)
US Air Loses $177 Million (4/27/2004)
Computer Associates Restates $2.2 Billion in Earnings (4/27/2004)
Government Gag Order on Disaster Film (4/26/2004)
G7 Concerned, Not Panicky Over U.S. Rates (4/26/2004)
10-yr Rates at Critical Resistance (4/26/2004)
Marc Faber: Commodity Prices and the Very Bullish Case for Oil (4/26/2004)
China "gravely worried" by American Protectionism (4/26/2004)
New Invention: Tornado in a Can (4/26/2004)
CyclePro - April Update (4/23/2004)
Woman Fired for Photo of U.S. Coffins (4/23/2004)
More Photos the Government Won't Let You See: (thememoryhole.org)
- heavy traffic; be patient - (4/23/2004)

China to Let Yuan Float (4/23/2004)
China 'Against Yuan Revaluation' (4/23/2004)
Greenspan: The Great Deluder (4/23/2004)
Baxter to Cut 4,000 (4/23/2004)
Global Economy Set for Best Years in Decade! (uh oh!) (4/22/2004)
Dollar Five Month High (4/22/2004)
Greenspan: Deflation is Dead! (Long Live Deflation!) (4/22/2004)
Japan's Bust: An Austrian Critique of the Fed's Explanation (4/22/2004)
Vietnam: Kerry v. Bush (4/22/2004)
Serious Shows a Turn Off (4/22/2004)
Mice Created With 2 Genetic Moms, No Dad (4/22/2004)
The Coming Draft - You heard it here first! (4/21/2004)
Hulbert: Market at a Critical Juncture (4/21/2004)
Greenspan - 'Price Rises Welcome' Roils Markets (4/21/2004)
Greenspan: Markets Await Second Day (4/21/2004)
Crashmaker (4/21/2004)
Iraq: Fables of the Reconstruction (4/21/2004)
Escape from Iraq (4/21/2004)
All Eyes on Greenspan (4/20/2004)
Iraq: Countless Bad Decisions and 681 Deaths (4/20/2004)
The Coming Draft (4/20/2004)
Ron Paul on the Coming Draft (Slow loading; be patient, its worth it.) (4/20/2004)
Kucinich Warns of Coming Draft (4/20/2004)
Mortgage Rates One Year High (4/20/2004)
Fleck: Game Over for Stocks & Real Estate (4/20/2004)
Shell Investors Shocked (4/20/2004)
Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11 (4/19/2004)
10 U.S. Soldiers Killed This Weekend (4/19/2004)
Energy Wars (4/19/2004)
Americans Must Leave Saudi Arabia (4/19/2004)
Chavez Threatens to Stop Venezualan Oil to US (4/19/2004)
Fed's Patience Tested by Strong Data (4/19/2004)
Too Good To Be True? Why No Joy Over Earnings? (4/19/2004)
IMF Steps up Warnings on U.S. Fiscal Irresponsibility (4/19/2004)
Tokyo Drops on Bank Weakness (4/19/2004)
Shell Exec to Step Down (4/19/2004)
California Quake Coming? (4/16/2004)
CPI Up 4 Months in a Row (4/16/2004)
Rate Hike on the Way? (4/16/2004)
Jobless Claims Rise (4/16/2004)
Iraq Becoming a Quagmire (4/16/2004)
Recent Speeches on Oil (4/16/2004)
Deadbeat American (4/15/2004)
Inflation Data Suggest Rate Rise (4/15/2004)
Bush II as Carter II in Malaise II (4/15/2004)
Deficits Threaten Recovery: IMF, OECD (4/15/2004)
Bank of America Rakes It In (4/15/2004)
Signs of Overheating in China (4/15/2004)
Taiwan TFT Shipments Soar (4/15/2004)
Intel Misses (4/14/2004)
Who Says Inflation is Down? (4/14/2004)
Runaway Train (4/14/2004)
Ten Detrimental Deficits (4/14/2004)
Citigroup Top Underwriter for Companies That Went Bankrupt (4/14/2004)
MSFT Steps Up Windows Warnings (4/14/2004)
Balancing View: Facts & Fables on Gold, Oil and Housing Bubbles (4/14/2004)
Semis in the Spotlight (4/13/2004)
China Fears Boom Bust Cycle (4/13/2004)
The Vietnam Question (4/13/2004)
Roach: Shades of 94 (4/13/2004)
Back to the 70s for Gold? (4/13/2004)
Presidency May Hinge on Gas (4/13/2004)
Heading for a Bust in Housing (4/13/2004)
The Vietnam Question (4/12/2004)
Bush II as Nixon II in Vietnam II (4/12/2004)
Dupont to Cut 3,500 (4/12/2004)
Congress offers Companies Relief on Pensions (4/12/2004)
Collection Agency Threats Call for Second Opinion (4/12/2004)
Big Fisherman: Cellophane (4/12/2004)
Roach: Circling the Wagons (4/12/2004)
Signs of Inflation in Red-Hot China (4/12/2004)
Election Reading 4/9 - 4/11/2004 - Interesting Sites
Daily Kos
Visual Blog: Dubbydub
Kerry Info
Howling At A Waning Moon
Nader on the Issues
March Import Prices Rise (4/08/2004)
Insider Sales Flashing Warning (4/08/2004)
Seagate Warns of Notebook PC Slowdown (4/08/2004)
Sea Level to Rise 7m When Greenland Melts (4/08/2004)
Amazon.Forest Alarming.Deforestation (4/08/2004)
Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip-Flop Clocked (4/08/2004)
Pentagon Asks to Shield Military Ranges from Suits (4/07/2004)
Bush: Making the World a Better Place (4/07/2004)
The 9-11 Whistle Blower (4/07/2004)
US Business Hubris 20-year High (4/07/2004)
Most U.S. Companies Don't Pay Taxes (4/07/2004)
Is Federal Income Tax Illegal...? (4/07/2004)
...We the People Say Yes, Illegal! No to Taxes! (4/07/2004)
Bank of America to cut 12,500 (4/06/2004)
Gateway to cut 2,500 (4/06/2004)
Sun to cut 3,300 (4/06/2004)
Kodak Employees Fear Layoffs (4/06/2004)
Bush, Cheney, and Rice to Testify: How They Will Avoid Telling the Truth (4/05/2004)
J. Taylor: Ian Gordon Update on Kondratieff Winter (4/05/2004)
Bill Gates Dethroned as World's Richest! (4/05/2004)
Fed Expected to Raise Rates Sooner than Later (4/05/2004)
China to Export $70 - 100 Billion in Autos (4/05/2004)
John Dean: Bush More Corrupt than Nixon! (4/05/2004)
Financial Markets Leveraged for a Crash (4/05/2004)
Kudlow & Cramer - The Show Stinks (4/02/2004)
Shell Was Warned On Output Data Four Years Ago (4/02/2004)
The Financial Markets are Leveraged for a Crash (4/02/2004)
A Rite of Spring (4/02/2004)
Russell On Gold, Silver & the Dollar (4/02/2004)
Gold and Silver Topping? (4/02/2004)
Dollar Surges [BEFORE] Strong U.S. Jobs Data (4/02/2004)
Factory Orders Hit 2-Decade High Mark (4/02/2004)
U.S. Job Growth Soars (4/02/2004)
10 Things You Don't Know About Terrorism (4/01/2004)
The Power To Destroy (4/01/2004)
Hyperinflation: Creating Repulsive Money (4/01/2004)
Oil Thirsty China Sets Sights on Gulf (4/01/2004)
You Can't Eat Gold (4/01/2004)
Silver Scales $8 - 16 Year High (4/01/2004)
-------------------------- March 2004 ----------------------
Dollar Hits 4-year Low vs Yen (3/31/2004)
Shorts Gone Wild - Gold and Silver (3/31/2004)
OPEC OK's Oil Cuts Despite Plea from U.S. (3/31/2004)
Outsourcing: The Inside Story (3/31/2004)
All Bets Are Off [Trump is Bankrupt?] (3/31/2004)
New Gold Major Born From Merger (3/31/2004)
Richard Russell: Perceptions (3/30/2004)
Is The Moment of Truth Approaching? (3/30/2004)
Fear of Lurking Inflation Raises Rate Questions (3/30/2004)
White House May See Greenspan as Liability for Election (3/30/2004)
Prozac Nation UK (3/30/2004)
Be Braced for a Bust as Bubbles look set to Burst (3/30/2004)
How Healthy Are The Banks? (3/29/2004)
The Day The FED Stood Still (3/29/2004)
OPEC Producers Remain Divided (3/29/2004)
Econ Data Looms, Has Market On Edge (3/29/2004)
Financial Markets Forecasts And Analysis (3/29/2004)
Taiwan Reading 3/26 - 3/27/2004
Taiwan's Dirty Election
Taiwan A Flashpoint for War?
China's Army on Combat Alert
Post Election Protest Draws 500,000
Open Thread - Taiwan Elections
A preview of the dirty politics coming to the U.S. in November
Gold Update from Uncle Harry (3/26/2004)
It's the Depression, Moron (3/26/2004)
Can the Stock Market Be Propped Up by “Organized Support? (3/26/2004)
Bankruptcy Countdown (3/26/2004)
Trust Clarke: He's right about Bush (3/26/2004)
Housing Costs, Market Tumbles in Boston (3/26/2004)
WTO: U.S. Online-gambling Ban Violates International Laws (3/26/2004)
Argentina and Brazil Join Forces to Tame the IMF: David DeRosa (3/26/2004)
One Nation Under God (3/25/2004)
Seabirds Dying in Alaska (3/25/2004)
Medicare Official Cites Cost Warning (3/25/2004)
Yen Up, Euro Down (3/25/2004)
Businesses Urged to Plan For Higher Interest Rates (3/25/2004)
Rising Gas Prices Fuel Presidential Campaign (3/25/2004)
Summers: Debts Imperil Stature (3/24/2004)
Social Security Going Broke (3/24/2004)
US Q4 Credit Card Delinquencies New High (3/24/2004)
'Alarming Abuses' In Credit Counseling (3/24/2004)
TSMC Ups Ante in Battle vs Chinese Chip Maker SMIC (3/24/2004)
Ike's Farewell and Warning to America (3/24/2004)
The Death of Taiwan's Democracy (3/23/2004)
Taiwan's President Vows to Accept Recount (3/23/2004)
Chinese Army Alerted Following Taiwan Election Dispute (3/23/2004)
Dow Nears 10,000 as Terror Drags on Stocks (3/23/2004)
Japan's Supercomputer Earth Simulator Whips up a Storm (3/23/2004)
Stats Lie on True Cost of Living (3/23/2004)
Fleck: Jobs Picture Worse than it Seems (3/23/2004)
The Tug of Inflation (3/23/2004)
Sharon's Murder of Yassin Endangers Americans in Iraq and Elsewhere (3/23/2004)
John Pilger: The Hidden Agendas (3/22/2004)
Taiwan Stocks Plunge on Election Results (3/22/2004)
Ariel Sharon has 'Opened the Gates of Hell' (3/22/2004)
US Stocks Set to Churn on Fear (3/22/2004)
Meaningless Meaningful Reform (3/22/2004)
Russell On the Dollar & Bonds (3/22/2004)
Jimmy Carter: Iraq War Based on Lies (3/22/2004)
Walmart Tops Fortune 500 (3/22/2004)
Weekend Reading 3/19 - 3/20/2004
Black Gold
Annual Energy Outlook 2004 with Projections to 2025
Why We Need $60/Barrel Oil
Life After The Crash
Cheap Oil: Enjoy It While You Can
We've got serious energy problems - it's time to start dealing with them.
Taiwan President Shot, Leaves Hospital Later (3/19/2004)
The New Pearl Harbor (3/19/2004)
Argentina's Paper-Money Mire (3/19/2004)
Heat's Rising on Summer Gas Prices (3/19/2004)
Shell Plunged into Fresh Turmoil after 2nd Reserves Downgrade (3/19/2004)
Europe's Speed Trap (3/19/2004)
FED Eyes Fannie's Finances (3/18/2004)
Britain is Next Target Warns Islamic Terror Group (3/18/2004)
Oil, Microsoft Hobble Stocks, Open Down (3/18/2004)
Will Gold Shares Follow Common Stock Lower (3/18/2004)
The Folly of Fed Interest Rates (3/18/2004)
The CRAP Report (3/18/2004)
Shell Plans 20% Job Cuts in Nigeria (3/17/2004)
Do Terrorists Play Election Politics? (3/17/2004)
Fed Holds Rates at 1% (3/17/2004)
The Fed Loves Power AND.....(3/17/2004)
Public Administration is Economic Chaos (3/17/2004)
Is Silver Scandal on the Horizon? (3/17/2004)
Global Energy War Looms (3/16/2004)
Is Someone Ringing A Bell? (3/16/2004)
Bank of Japan, Ending Intervention? (3/16/2004)
China, France Hold Naval Drill Before Taiwan Vote (3/16/2004)
Housing Starts Fall Again (3/16/2004)
B of A Slammed (3/16/2004)
Why Do We Even Have an Economy? (3/15/2004)
Dishonest Dubya (3/15/2004)
Richard Russell Commentary on the Market Top (3/15/2004)
US Gasoline Prices Hit Record High (3/15/2004)
OPEC Divided on Oil Price Surge (3/15/2004)
Spain's New Leader Pledges to Withdraw Troops from Iraq (3/15/2004)
The Explanatory Power of Economic Logic (3/15/2004)
War Rally Failing (3/15/2004)
Open Thread - The Coming Draft (3/14/2004)
Weekend Thinking 3/13 - 3/14/2004
Your turn to Write!
D2 Open Thread: Is Global Meltdown Near?
D2 Open Thread: Dow Drops Tranny!
Open Source Market Research: The power of the internet is in its ability to bring together diverse viewpoints and opinions that otherwise wouldn't meet. The result is increased knowledge. This is your chance to contribute to, and benefit from the collective market knowledge-base.
Workers Move Abroad with Jobs (3/12/2004)
Stocks Plummet After Attacks (3/12/2004)
How Bad is Social Security? (3/12/2004)
Current Accounts Matter (3/12/2004)
The New Pentagon Papers: Bush War Lies (3/12/2004)
D2 Open Thread: Is Meltdown Near? (3/12/2004)
Bombs Kill 173 on Madrid Rush Hour Trains (3/11/2004)
The Leveraged Bond Market: Fed Has Created a Monster (3/11/2004)
Dow Drops Tranny (3/11/2004)
Stocks Stink - Market Down for Year (3/11/2004)
Trade Gap Hits Record (3/11/2004)
Opec Sticks to Production Cut (3/11/2004)
Microsoft Delays Database (3/11/2004)
Japan Airlines to Cut 4,500 (3/11/2004)
JPM Faces Heat of Patriot Act (3/10/2004)
Inflation: Gasoline at Pump a Penny Short of Historic High (3/10/2004)
Argentina Threatens Default (3/10/2004)
Free Thinker Pushing Envelope at Fed (3/10/2004)
$25 Billion in Derivatives at Fannie Mae (3/10/2004)
Fanny: Ready for a Fall? Snow: Not Too Big to Fail (3/10/2004)
Dollar Faces `The Coming Storm' (3/10/2004)
Roach: Stymied (3/10/2004)
VW to cut 5,000 (3/10/2004)
Taiwan Race too Close to Call (3/10/2004)
Taiwan: Building A Green Business Model in Asia (3/9/2004)
Taiwan Exports Rise 35% (3/9/2004)
Crude Near One Year High on Venezuela Unrest (3/9/2004)
Households rack up debt at fastest pace since 1987 (3/9/2004)
Entitlement Debts Simply Staggering (3/9/2004)
President George Bush and the Gilded Age (3/9/2004)
Bush Ad: Fake Firefighters (3/9/2004)
10 Worst Corps of 2003 (3/9/2004)
Building A Green Business Model in Asia (3/8/2004)
Return of a Conundrum (3/8/2004)
Boom Time for Fraud (3/8/2004)
Buffett Betting Against the Buck (3/8/2004)
China No Panacea for Gold Demand (3/8/2004)
Network News Goes Back to Iraq (3/8/2004)
Life After The Oil Crash(3/8/2004)
Weekend Reading 3/6 - 3/7/2004
Gold, Silver, GATA & the Fed (A Retrospective)
Black Tuesday October 29th 1929 Revisited?
WAG the POG!
Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (The Biggest Story in the World)
Power to the POG (And How to Send a Message to Goldfinger)
Long Gold, Long Short
After a crazy week for Gold and Silver I thought it was worth looking back over time at the journey we've been on.
Who Made the Fannie and Freddie Threat? (3/5/2004)
Zbigniew Piekarski on Bubble madness (3/5/2004)
February Job Growth Surprisingly Weak (3/5/2004)
Greenspan Eyes Irrational Exuberance in Asia (3/5/2004)
Gasoline Prices State by State (3/5/2004)
Some U.S. Businesses Speak Out Against Globalization (3/5/2004)
Hint of a Bottom for Gold? (3/5/2004)
Morning Precious Metals Review (3/4/2004)
Oil Edges Up After Drop, Watches Dollar (3/4/2004)
Shell Chairman to Quit over Misbooking Oil Reserves(3/4/2004)
Goldman Swindle Gal: $5.6 Million Hush Money (3/4/2004)
Gold Futures Off 4 Month Low (3/4/2004)
Gold Futures Fall (3/3/2004)
Citigroup Adviser Tied to Probe (3/3/2004)
It'a Almost Impossible for the Feds to Call You Unemployed (3/3/2004)
Governor Bernanke: Money, Gold, and the Great Depression (3/3/2004)
Tragedy of Haiti (3/3/2004)
Mortgage Refinancing Hits 7-Month High (3/3/2004)
The Day After Tomorrow (3/2/2004)
Meltdown (3/2/2004)
Oil Prices Surge on Threat by Venezuelan President (3/2/2004)
China Risks Being Seen as Paper Tiger Over Taiwan (3/2/2004)
USA Out Of Business! (3/2/2004)
Adding Volatile Sectors to a Stable Portfolio (3/2/2004)
124 Dead After Blasts on Iraqi Shi'ite Holy Day (3/2/2004)
Yuan Float Pose Threat to World Economy: Greenspan (3/2/2004)
Fast Forward to 2025 and Beyond (3/1/2004)
Gold Rush May Stall as Buck Rebounds (3/1/2004)
Oil Index - Possible Implications (3/1/2004)
Minister Warns of Damage to UK as Europe Launches US Trade War (3/1/2004)
Gas Prices Surge (3/1/2004)
Greenspan Retirement Fix Jars Lethargic Congress (3/1/2004)
The Real Churchill (3/1/2004)
Economist: Heading for a Fall, by Fiat? (2/29/2004)
SafeHaven: Financial Markets Forecast & Analysis (2/29/2004)
Weekend Reading 2/28 - 2/29/2004
Prechter on Deflation
Deflation Has Arrived
What is Deflation?
What is Deflation? Part II
Monetary Trends and the Dollar
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Sign of the Times: Homeless Tent Villages (Hoovervilles) Spring Up in the U.S. (2/27/2004)
e.g. Dignity Village (2/27/2004)
What Recovery? Mass Layoffs in January Set Record (2/27/2004)
Credit Card Crack (2/27/2004)
Stocks: Economic Data Curbs Enthusiasm for Shares (2/27/2004)
The End of Globalism (2/27/2004)
The Two Faces of Alan Greenspan (2/27/2004)
-------------------------- February 2004 ----------------------
Butler, Blix Bugged (2/27/2004)
Pentagon Downplays Climate Change Report (2/26/2004)
Fleck: The Sliding Dollar is Already Costing You (2/26/2004)
Greenspan: Slash Benefits! (2/26/2004)
1967 Flashback: Greenspan - Gold and Economic Freedom (2/26/2004)
$3 Gas? (2/26/2004)
Blueprint for the New World Bank? (2/26/2004)
A Note After the Passing of President's Day (2/26/2004)
Greenspan: Mortgage Debt May Be Threat (2/25/2004)
The Coming Implosion of the American Empire (2/25/2004)
Consumer Confidence Slumps Hard on Job Fears (2/25/2004)
Commodities Soaring? Only in dollars (2/25/2004)
Qaeda Threatens New Attacks (2/25/2004)
Saudi Oil Fields in Decline (2/24/2004)
Oil & Democracy Don't Mix (2/24/2004)
The Presidential Election Cycle Theory and the Fed (2/24/2004)
Canadian Film May Put Nader on Radar (2/24/2004)
Haliburton Criminal Probe (2/24/2004)
Nikkei Biggest Loss in 2 months - Down 2% (2/24/2004)
The Real Depression: Climate Change Will Destroy Us (2/23/2004)
Greenspan Joins the Jobs Fray (2/23/2004)
Depression2 Flashback: Total Recall (2/23/2004)
Schwarzenegger Argues for White House Run (2/23/2004)
Sweeping New Powers in UK War on Terror (2/23/2004)
Ford Plans $1 Billion China Plant (2/23/2004)
Weekend Reading 2/21 - 2/22/2004
Bonesmen for President
Skull & Bones: The Secret Society That Unites John Kerry and President Bush
JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together
The Future is Calling: Part One
Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 -- Bottom of Page
From GATA: Netherlands Plans to Sell $866M of Gold (2/20/2004)
Consumer Prices Rise 0.5 Percent in Jan (2/20/2004)
Sean Connery Mulls Joining Taiwan Protest (2/20/2004)
Outcry Over Bank's Record ?.1bn Profit (2/20/2004)
Japan Ignores U.S. Pressure, Will Develop Iranian Oil Field (2/20/2004)
Deficit of Decency in America (2/20/2004)
BigFisherman: My Precious (2/20/2004)
Russell on the Market and Gold (2/19/2004)
BIS Reviews, Speeches, Central Bank Articles (2/19/2004)
The Origins of Nazism (2/19/2004)
Dutch Shell Companies Draw Scrutiny (2/19/2004)
Cyclical, Secular, or just Bull? (2/19/2004)
New Jersey Sues PIMCO Funds (2/19/2004)
Real Estate Riches, Ruins and Rewards (2/18/2004)
John Hathaway: The Real Value of a Dollar (2/18/2004)
El Paso Corp Reduces Reserves, Shareprice Slashed (2/18/2004)
U.S. Housing Starts Fall, Store Sales Up (2/18/2004)
Targeting the Gold Cabal with Silver Bullets (2/18/2004)
Beyond Death: Imperical Evidence of the Human Soul (2/18/2004)
Euro Climbs Within Sight of Record High vs Dollar (2/17/2004)
Running on Empty (2/17/2004)
The 7 Stages of a Dollar Crisis (2/17/2004)
Stephen Roach: Central Bank Discredited (2/17/2004)
Siemen's Plans to Shift Jobs to Asia (2/17/2004)
What's Wrong With Monopoly? (2/16/2004)
Survey: Gas Prices Keep Rising (2/16/2004)
Tutu Tells Blair: Apologise for 'Immoral' War (2/16/2004)
Shop Till You Drop! (2/16/2004)
US Provoked Insurgency in Iraq - Former UN Official (2/16/2004)
The New Growth Euphoria (2/16/2004)
Taiwan's Chen Says Unification with China Possible (2/16/2004)
Weekend Reading 2/14 - 2/15/2004
Future Visions
Support Economy
The next phase of capitalism ?

* * *
The Coming Singularity
Robotic Nation
Trade Deficit Soars (2/13/2004)
Consumer Confidence Collapses (2/13/2004)
Bush's Job Approval New Low (2/13/2004)
Dreamers (2/13/2004)
Sinking Rents Sinking Landlords (2/13/2004)
The Debt Stones of America (2/13/2004)
Bird Flu Now in Jersey (2/13/2004)
China's Jan. Industrial Production Grows a Record 19% (2/13/2004)
The Trial of Martha Stewart (2/13/2004)
Marijuana Eases HIV-Related Nerve Pain (2/13/2004)
Dollar Falls Across the Board on Greenspan Comments (2/12/2004)
Intel Reports a Research Leap to a Faster Chip (2/12/2004)
Seattle Group's Survey Gauges Outsourcing Fears (2/12/2004)
China May Allow Yuan To Appreciate (2/12/2004)
China's Exports Slow (2/12/2004)
Citizens Demand Congress Censure Bush (2/11/2004)
Microsoft Issues Critical Security Warning (2/11/2004)
Dow, GM Launch Largest Commercial Fuel Cell (2/11/2004)
Bird Flu on Second US Farm (2/11/2004)
Printing A Global Bubble (2/11/2004)
Cheapening the Dollar (2/11/2004)
Primary Bear Market (2/10/2004)
How the US Economy is Giving Deflation a New Respectability (2/10/2004)
Earth Stressors Quakes/Tsunami Potentials Feb 9 ?14 (2/10/2004)
WHO: More Human Bird Flu Anticipated (2/10/2004)
Taiwan: A Gaping Hole in the WHO Net (2/10/2004)
India on the Verge of Something Big (2/10/2004)
Dollar Slide Ignores G7 Warning (2/9/2004)
Economist: Let the Dollar Drop! (2/9/2004)
Acacia Claims Internet Patent Rights in Lawsuit (2/9/2004)
Roach: Time to Reload (2/9/2004)
Get Ready for $50 oil! (2/9/2004)
Weekend Reading 2/7 - 2/8/2004

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A Progressive's Guide to Populist Economics
The Next Big Trend: Foreclosure (2/6/2004)
End of Arab Nationalism (2/6/2004)
True Majority (2/6/2004)
Pigs Test Positive for Bird Flu (Maybe they can fly?...Ed) (2/6/2004)
Blast Hits Moscow Metro (2/6/2004)
A Weekend At Bernie's (2/6/2004)
Productivity Cools, Jobless Claims Rise (2/5/2004)
Money - What is Money? (2/5/2004)
Gold: Staying Bullish (2/5/2004)
U.K: Overstretched? Break Free From a Debt Dungeon (2/5/2004)
Those in the Know Have Nowhere to Go! (2/5/2004)
India Predicts Record 8% Growth in Interim Budget (2/4/2004)
Newmont's Profit More Than Doubles (2/4/2004)
U.N. To Takle On Iraq Power Swap (2/4/2004)
U.K: House Prices Pick Up (2/4/2004)
UCLA: Prediction: The Future of the USA Stock Market (2/4/2004)
China Confirms Another Bird Flu Outbreak (2/4/2004)
Poison Found in US Senate Office (2/3/2004)
Investor Heal Thyself (2/3/2004)
The Pitfalls of the BBC's Global Ambitions (2/3/2004)
Eid sales boost Abu Dhabi gold trade (2/3/2004)
Gold, Oil, the US$ and Silver (2/3/2004)
Monsterism (2/2/2004)
Saudi Arabia: 244 Killed in Haj Tragedy (2/2/2004)
Oil Supply Fears Overblown, Analysts Say (2/2/2004)
The Risks You Run When You Own Gold (2/2/2004)
The Greater Depression (2/2/2004)
The Unofficial Truth about Japan and its Official Recovery (2/2/2004)
Weekend Reading 1/31 - 2/1/2004

Exxon/Mobil's Contribution to Global Warming
Breakthrough Offers Worldwide Solution to Global Warming
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The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century
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FOMC Debated Phrasing in December (1/30/2004)
MyDoom gets Worse (1/30/2004)
Gold Below $400 (1/30/2004)
Fed: Foreign Central Banks Keep Buying U.S. Debt (1/30/2004)
Freddie Mac Ordered to Lift Reserves by 30% (1/30/2004)
Intel to Slash Prices (1/30/2004)
Fed Rate Statement (1/29/2004)
Truth Catching Up to Bush (1/29/2004)
Drowning in Liquidity (1/29/2004)
-------------------------- January 2004 ----------------------
Deficit Matters (1/29/2004)
MyDoom mutation attacks Microsoft (1/29/2004)
Exxon Ordered to Pay $6.75B; Don't Expect It (1/29/2004)
U.S. Consumer Hubris New High (1/28/2004)
U.S. Dollar New Low (1/28/2004)
Mises: Perpetual Debt (1/28/2004)
Krugman: Red Ink Realities (1/28/2004)
Under Threat from Another Epidemic (1/28/2004)
Taiwan Sold Out by International Community (1/28/2004)
Earth's Life Support System in Peril (1/27/2004)
Mutations May Trigger Pandemic (1/27/2004)
Email Worm Spreading Fast (1/27/2004)
Greenspan to Talk Tough on Deficits (1/27/2004)
Deficit to Reach $477 Billion - Biggest Ever (1/27/2004)
Toyota Passes Ford (1/26/2004)
Gates to Eliminate Spam in 2 Years (1/26/2004)
US Charm Falls Flat at Davos (1/26/2004)
WHO Warns on Bird Flu (1/26/2004)

Weekend Reading 1/17 - 1/18/2003
Mises: What Has the Gov't Done With Our Money?!
CPI Inflation Calculator
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Quit Smoking
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Lester Brown: Plan B

Calandra Quits - Target of SEC Probe (1/23/2004)
Bush's American Nightmare (1/23/2004)
Rates Will Fall (1/23/2004)
Mortgage Lenders Brace for Drop in Business (1/23/2004)
Microsoft Profit Slips (1/23/2004)
Shareholders: Demand Dividends! (1/23/2004)
Bush Doesn't Read It, But We Weep for Economy (1/22/2004)
Kodak to Cut 15,000 (1/22/2004)
Inflation Could Prove Decisive in China Economy (1/22/2004)
The Debt Bubble (1/22/2004)
Ron Paul Introduces Honest Money Act (1/22/2004)
Oh, That Bernake Speech! (1/22/2004)
Juan Cole's Informed Comments (1/22/2004)
Microsoft Lightens Up (1/21/2004)
Currency War (1/21/2004)
Dollar Plunge Accelerates (1/21/2004)
World Oil Prices Surge (1/21/2004)
Chinese Stocks in Mania (1/21/2004)
Software Giant Microsoft Bullies Teenager (1/20/2004)
China Second Largest Oil Consumer (1/20/2004)
China 4Q GDP up almost 10% (1/20/2004)
NASA abandons Hubble (1/20/2004)
Krugman: Going for Broke (1/20/2004)
IBM to Add 15,000 New Jobs, Including Some in U.S. (1/19/2004)
Roach: Forget About Global Healing (1/19/2004)
Mahathir: Sell Oil for Gold, Not Dollars (1/19/2004)
Mr. O'Neill Goes to Washington (1/19/2004)
At Sundance, Plenty of Films, but Also a Sense of the Subdued (1/19/2004)

Weekend Reading 1/17 - 1/18/2003
China Poses Trade Worry as It Gains in Technology
Bill Gross: What, Me Worry? Yes.
Rubin Worries of Deficit Ripples
* * *
Wake Up Call on the Food Front
Mass Extinction Underway
Rising Sea Levels Forcing Evacuation of Tuvalu
* * *
Michael Moore on Wesley Clark
Bush in 30 Seconds - Winners
Germany in Recession (1/16/2004)
Pension Agency Piles Up Record-Setting Deficits (1/16/2004)
Fleckenstein: 2004 Could Go Really Bad (1/16/2004)
Where Are the Bond Market Vigilantes!? (1/16/2004)
Israel Sees Deflation (1/16/2004)
New Bird Flu could be Worse than SARS (1/15/2004)
Dollar Up Sharply (1/15/2004)
The Next Bubble (1/15/2004)
Pentagon Looking into Haliburton Pricing Irregularities (1/15/2004)
Intel Sees Soft Q1 (1/15/2004)
Third U.S. Chopper Downed in Iraq this Month (1/14/2004)
Fed: Interest Rates Matter, Not Jobs (1/14/2004)
Tech Stocks: Investors Jittery (1/14/2004)
Supermarket Strike in Fourth Month (1/14/2004)
Oil Prices Highest Since War (1/14/2004)
Japan Bird Flu Virus (1/14/2004)
Shell's Cut in Oil Reserves Raises the Pressure on Watts (1/14/2004)
Lawmaker: $10B Pension Agency Deficit (1/14/2004)
Jobs Key to Rosy Retail Forecast (1/13/2004)
Offshoring Backlash Grows (1/13/2004)
Consumer Debt Growing at an Alarming Rate (1/13/2004)
Americans Struggling Under Debt (1/13/2004)
Roach: False Recovery (1/13/2004)
Goldman Sachs: China to Revalue Yuan in 1Q 2004 (1/13/2004)
EU, Japan in Confidential Talks Over US Dollar Rate (1/12/2004)
USD, Another New Low (1/12/2004)
US Factories: 41 Months of Layoffs! (1/12/2004)
China Bailing Out Another Bank (1/12/2004)
Japan Bird Flu Virus (1/12/2004)
How the Boomers Lost Their Way (1/12/2004)

Weekend Reading 1/10 - 1/11/2003
With a Whisper, Not a Bang
Bush: Let illegal aliens work in U.S.
Bush's Slave Auction
China: Beware the Bust
Japan's Gold Rush
B Glad that U R Free
Bush in 30 Seconds

Levi's Closes Last 2 U.S. Plants (1/9/2004)
BBC: Dollar Recovers on Intervention (1/9/2004)
Goldismoney: Compare Current Gold Bull vs. 1970's (1/9/2004)
Gold Firm Admits Smuggling Charge (1/9/2004)
Gold, Yields, and PE's (1/9/2004)
IMF: US Budget Gaps Endanger Global Economy (1/9/2004)
'US Climate Policy Bigger Threat to World Than Terrorism' (1/9/2004)
Parmalat Costs US Firms $2 Billion (1/9/2004)
Hi-Ho, Silver, Awaaayyyy! (1/8/2004)
New Claims for Unemployment Rise (1/8/2004)
FOREX-Dollar Dips After Trichet Euro Comments (1/8/2004)
Gold Set for Massive 2004 Gains (1/8/2004)
Gold All Comers Invitational (1/7/2004)
Consumers Falling Behind on Credit Cards (1/7/2004)
Jobs Moving Overseas: Earthlink to Axe 39% of Workforce (1/7/2004)
Kraft to Layoff 10% (1/7/2004)
Gateway on the Ropes (1/7/2004)
Lieberman: Bush Has Turned His Back on Taiwan (1/7/2004)
Deception Dollars (1/7/2004)
The Gatekeepers (1/7/2004)
Stephen Roach: The Lessons of 2003 (1/6/2004)
Obscene Prophet: The Dollars Fortunes (1/6/2004)
Steely nerves and the dollar (1/6/2004)
Construction Spending Hits New High (1/6/2004)
Pound Sterling hits $1.80 - Highest in 12 Years (1/6/2004)
Urban Survival (1/6/2004)
Clive Roffey: Predictions for 2004 (1/6/2004)
Gold Rampant at 14-year Highs as Dollar Crumbles (1/5/2004)
U.S. Begins Tracking Foreign Arrivals (1/5/2004)
Fed's Bernanke Defends U.S. Easy Money Stance (1/5/2004)
New Week, New Low for Dollar (1/5/2004)
Quarantining Dissent (1/4/2004)
Greenspan Claims Victory! (1/4/2004)
A Dollar Crisis? (1/3/2004)
A Stack of Numbers (That Don't Add Up) (1/3/2004)
Masters of the Universe (1/2/2004)
Wake up America: Your Freedom is Under Attack (1/2/2004)
Dollar Declines to Record, Poised for Worst Year Against Euro (1/2/2004)
Rising China Is a New Sun in Asia's Solar System (1/2/2004)
Strategists Pull in their Horns (1/2/2004)
Redford: Sun Dance Kid (1/2/2004)
New Song By Willie Nelson What Ever Happened To Peace On Earth (1/2/2004)
The Silent Correction in Bullion (12/31/2003)
Existing Home Sales Drop (12/31/2003)
Government Economic Support: Boeing Lands Navy Contract (12/31/2003)
More Government Support: Military Awards Contracts for Global Network (12/31/2003)
Apple's Dirty Secret (12/31/2003)
-------------------------- December 2003 ----------------------
Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field (12/30/2003)
Global FDI Confidence Index (12/30/2003)
Army's Suicide Rate has Outside Experts Alarmed (12/30/2003)
Dollar Yet Another Record Low v. Euro (12/30/2003)

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