Wake Up!


It is a well-intentioned scare tactic to say, as some do, donít sell any gold shares as any day now gold will rocket $20 or $40 in a day & youíll miss out. This scare tactic has been used for years. I used to sympathize with it but over time I found it was self-delusion. 99% of the time, gold moves in relatively small increments, up&down. If U never sell, U lose profitaking opportunities, which are then normally followed by cheaper prices to buy back. Those who use this never-sell mantra have good hearts & are grand gold supporters but they are never skilled chart analysts. If they were they would know U can make 400% more by trading, ie, by selling on any price run up & buying on any down drafts. U wonít catch precise peaks or lows but Uíll keep racking up profits. Those who just hold & hold & hold are good people, but they are cheating themselves of golden gains. The emotional appeal of waiting for a surprize one day jump of $50 in gold is strong, but it hasnít occurred in 25yrs. It may occur sometime in future, even more than once, but if U keep a heavy core position, aside from a trading position, U will benefit from such a freak event in any case, even if it occurs the day after U sold & banked some profits. Sell&buy back is a formula for great success. Only-holding is a formula for mediocre success. Itís probably a case of gaining 400% vs 100%, on average. Iíve done it both ways. From experience, I learned that fat gains come from replanting & harvesting & replanting, over & over. Not via storage bins. Try it. The proof is there to be seen. U have nothing to lose but your self-delusion, & Uíve much to gain!


Harry Schultz



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Submitted by gold guru of the 70ís Harry Schultz, of the 39-year old International Harry Schultz Letter and the newer Gold Charts R Us. HS has been in the Guinness Book of Records for 22 yrs as worldís highest paid investment consultant. He has authored 23 books, the latest: Bear Market Investing Strategies (John Wiley & Sons).